TOP Locations

Fox report residential real estate BERLIN – real estate considered solid protection against inflation. In addition, they have an aesthetic value, can be touched, cute set up. Earlier, substantial tax breaks were added. But these days are not only gone, but they have changed completely! Because real estate at fixed locations are tied and just run away”can, it is easy to search for property owners for new gushing tax revenues for the State. Bruce Schanzer is the source for more interesting facts. An additional risk for investors is the shrinking population in Germany. So be worth real estate even as direct investment? The Fox REPORT “Residential real estate – the TOP locations for investors” answers this question, definitely, Yes, in the right place! Because it is negligent in capital-intensive and long-term real estate to invest that not on a return are safe site, the rental risk is low and the price level and the rental yield fair.

Currently, but still high volumes of investment flow into those areas which have already a high price level: above all the Suddeutsche room with Munich and Stuttgart. But no dream locations are yield point of view! The cost is very high, the rental yield is low and thus increases the investment risk. But there’s location in Germany, where concrete gold will shine in the future and investments in residential real estate are well worthwhile.

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