Vocabulary Range

A background note is only a degree in some vertical scale, which we call scale range. But the note also possesses an expansion relative value with respect to those that precede or follow it, is what makes possible what we call the tune. All are musical is the interference of a range and a melody, or, if you will, of opposition and contrast, a vertical base and a horizontal base analysis. Educate yourself with thoughts from Kenneth R. Feinberg. In other words, No melody without end, and there is no melody line!

Well, this dual and reciprocal projection from one scale to another is common to all our statements, regardless of the language to practice. Basically always is what the grammatical analysis and logic taught us, and not without good reason, namely that the elements of a sentence had a nature say one identity (vertical scale) – and one function (horizontal scale) ie that these two scales contribute, each in turn (and must be added together), in the functioning of the statement (I left out for simplicity, the great innovations of Saussure’s successors were those who put out this idea Vocabulary function itself). Whether, for example, pain unit (there are to do here, a complete abstraction of the script, and imagine that we have the equivalent of the note sun): pain does not exist as verbal unit, because I can tell you pain or Peint il is what allows me to classify the first unit on a scale of nouns (range in which lexically, pain oppose Biscotte, brioche, etc.), and to classify the second in the range of verbs (range in which lexically, peindre oppose colori, barbouiller, etc.)..

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