A Feast for the Eyes…and the Stomach

So, I went on a date last night.  It wasn’t earth shattering or anything amazing – but we had a nice time.  I’ll keep you posted on whether there will be another.

But, what was most memorable about the date (sorry Ted!) was the food.  Now, I don’t say that to put down my date, but I happen to be one of these people who loves eating at a good restaurant and loves sampling all sorts of delicious foods.

We ate at the Feast Bistro of Ojai, which is on East Ojai Avenue, and it was simply to die for.  It was a really cozy, down-to-earth atmosphere which made for a nice ambiance for a date.  I’ve had first dates at McDonalds, and this definitely take the cake over that.

So, this was a huge step above McDonalds.  I started with the chowder which was full of amazing vegetables and flexed with salmon.  Then, I had the open-faced roast turkey sandwich which had thick, delicious slices of turkey, ripe tomatoes, bacon and provolone.  It came with pomme frites and the entire thing was just delicious.

I didn’t see the bill since my date was gracious in that way, so I can’t say how much it all cost.  But, from the look on his face it wasn’t too expensive – so that was good.

It was definitely a yummy meal and a nice way to spend a first date.  Now, the question is just if there will be a second.

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