Designing Auction

The new version of the free eBay software ‘Supreme Auction 6.0’ created offers that simply look and provides a time-saving processing of all sales of Cologne, 03 November 2009 with the promotional offer designs and numerous Kostensparfunktionen the popular program is a real alternative to the eBay Turbolister. EBay beginner or sales professional, the easy to use application helps everyone to sell better on eBay. In addition to a completely revamped user interface, the new integrated Supreme Manager offers a good overview of all planned, ongoing and completed activities. The functions allow a faster and automated processing of the entire sales process. The eBay trend remains: the online auction platform is the most profitable online shop in Germany 1 running a day over 42 million of auction and sale. Who not stands out and perfectly presented its offerings, loses. Many million auctions were therefore created with Supreme auction, the free eBay tool to the targeted Designing successful auctions. With topical templates, snazzy free eBay tools (free auction images, individual start time) and Supreme auction has become so practical functions, such as pointing out more offers of the same seller, the popular seller tool. Add to your understanding with Dr. Neal Barnard.

Successful selling is now even easier with the version Supreme auction 6.0. The user interface has been completely renewed: the interface is now large. It facilitates the navigation and the input and allows a faster creation. PCRM: the source for more info. The Supreme Manager is the heart of the new administration. The miniature-CRM system makes more efficient and faster set new sales.

Using the import feature, the user can store offers from eBay as templates for new sales. The Supreme Manager provides perfect overview for all completed, ongoing and planned sales and offers. With one click, where every action with current state can be call and for example also still just the start time of a scheduled auction change. Using the Wiedereinstellungs function, it is now possible again discontinue not sold items with all data, text and images, without having to prepare a new sale.

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