The Poetry Of Stones

A fairy tale about the influence of the precious stones on us humans, it started with a meditation. Rosa and Radda were born and were commissioned to spread the love among the people with the Rose Quartz. Susanne Weissenrieder wrote down the story and many more followed. Clayton Morris spoke with conviction. On the exciting […]

Max Planck Institute

The focus of quantum physics, usually only in the closest circle of friends, the American chemist Dr. James Grant, who several years worked in Germany at a Max Planck Institute, about a strange experience while studying reported near-death experiences. He completed this not only in the United States, but also in London. Since no place […]

World Health Organization

Even the best phone with low-radiation SAR values should be transformed effectively energetically. Vital product for protection against microwave radiation, cell phone radiation, cell phone radiation. Regardless of harmful biological effects controversial in public of prepared food in a microwave oven and the related destruction of the nutritional value of food, the microwave radiation can […]