Fiber Insulation Masonry

Properties of Fiber Insulation Masonry and slag wool As already mentioned, the mineral wool is thin and flexible fibers obtained by cooling first shattered into droplets and elongated into filaments mineral melt. Depending on the type of mineral wool material is divided into the rock and slag. The raw material for the production of stone […]

Oil Companies

By the end of 1996 banks have the right to buy is in their control actions. This created the prospect of converting all the oil companies to private entities. At this stage, the stage Parishes in Financiers oil and gas industry, it is natural that the supply industry has become one of the primary issues. […]

Gas Boilers

This type of gas boilers, most preferably at a power of 100 kW because: It is cheaper than the boiler burner with fan less noisy in a wider range when the pressure of gas in the pipeline. Cheaper ekspluatatsiiOsobo focus on changing the gas pressure at the inlet to the boiler, as not all boilers […]