Cal Viva

Cal Viva La lime is very useful in different applications such as agricultural construction, etc. In metallurgical applications is used as a flux in the proceed of manufacture of cast iron, in union of iron ore and of course the coal or anthracite, in addition it can be used as lubricant in the process of […]


The period of the festejos of Ours Lady of the Support in Valena- Bahia, is lived days of parties faith, culture, history and eucaristia. Since gone of Valena Ours Lady of the Support represents strong religiosidade of its people. The first news on the appearance of the Image and in turn of capelinha of the […]


BOILER, Luis Claude. The Construction of the Myth Luis Alves de Lima and Silva (Duke of Caxias). 2009. 39 p SUMMARY. The present work has for objective to analyze the life of the only Brazilian Duke, Luis Alves de Lima and Silva (Duke of Caxias) 1803? 1880. By means of the existing Biographies on this […]