The Greenest Card Is Black!

Utopia and the GLS Bank offer a new credit card at Munich, July 30, 2009. Many have lost confidence in banks due to the global financial crisis. Now,, the leading Internet platform for strategic consumer offers a real alternative, along with the GLS-Bank: the black utopia – card, which \”green\” deep throbs in her […]

Endfalligen Loan

The Calculation can contain other factors depending on the lending institution. The above example should serve only as an aid. Usually each credit institution is other life packages, these are often also depends on the living standard of the respective applicant and be set so often as a percentage fee of the net. Should the […]

Manuela Kiechle Insurance

This leads to additional demands on the part of the health insurance fund, as soon as the first tax assessment. “Because the income” from the severance pay will not be charged with any losses from the self-employed activity. Private health insurance offers predictable contributions who is already privately insured, for severance pay are irrelevant – […]