Part 1 of the series: the Bavarian Health Minister Dr. Markus Soder in Nuremberg presented the first Bavarian skin cancer report Sonne(n) with mind at the July 19. In contrast to the rest of Germany, where the number of new cases on the black skin cancer has tripled since 2002, the number in Bavaria remained […]

Weight Loss Tips

As the clever Abnehmwillige effectively body weight reduces everyone who brings a few kilos too much on the scale and again want to get rid of this, has it usually not very easy in the truest sense of the word: as soon as the unloved flab have appeared, they indeed not disappear and every other […]


Active ions increase as ‘Air vitamins’ recent studies on the quality of the health quality of life show in buildings that in many places the cost of the measures to improve the indoor climate for the owner or employer are often higher than the total energy costs. It is also proven that a healthy room […]

Pain Patients: Often Misunderstood And Left Alone.

He renowned expert Dr. med. Hartmut Baltin from Aschau am Chiemsee shows integrated solutions. Pain, please let post! According to current studies and figures are affected by an acute or a chronic pain disorder – often as a result of other primary diseases – between five and eight million German citizens. “But precisely because as […]