Real Estate

From the condo, bishin to the purchase of the House who would like to advertise real estate, should do on grounds of effectiveness the best on the Internet. This is a series of platforms, on which you can offer real estate of all kinds and are looking for. Without the marketing of rental and purchase […]

Rent Increase:

Who rents an apartment, must accept rule over the years of rent increases. “inhabitat members take advantage of falling rents that usually also applies to members of a housing association, who rent an apartment from their inventory”, Olaf Haubold said as Chairman of the Board of the EC brs0725. This is different for buyers of […]

The IMMO TIP Mediation Of Real Estate

Real estate Magazine September 2007: Our town’s population grows, and the German upswing is felt. It becomes increasingly difficult to find a good location for a new project. Dresden – an attractive location for trade in Dresden, which together with the metropolitan areas of Leipzig/Halle and Chemnitz/Zwickau, forms the so called Saxon triangle, is the […]

The Fairvesta

It is not by chance that fairvesta for many years as a leader in this niche market guaranteed yields really was able to generate thousands of investors. fairvesta invested in about Germany spread in residential buildings, but also in commercial real estate, Office or mixed-use objects. Criterion for purchase is the chance that the management […]

Munich Balcony

When a reduction of in rent is justifi ed who lives in a big city, comes with pigeons in contact willy-nilly. The landlord not automatically the responsibility, if, for example, the balcony is regularly polluted by Pigeon droppings. The real estate site reports on a judgment of the District Court of Munich. In this […]

Free Advice For Landlord: Tenant Search Simplify

Request for free right now: landlord guide how do I have a right tenant? That is not a question that is being debated just at the meeting. Triad Commercial Properties shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. However, you as the owner faces many unanswered questions. Where are pitfalls the lurking? What […]

Windows Price

Who is planning to rent a part of the House, or a family member to provide, must pay attention to the opportunity, to be able to create a separate entrance. The energetic overall condition should be the focus when purchasing a home. The imported certificate sheds light on an energy assessment and shows including vulnerabilities. […]

Art Deco

In addition, the editors presents the most attractive districts, Prime locations such as neighbourhood reports. In the current issue of a detailed post of a lot dedicated to interesting Offering real estate district Berlin Reinickendorf. In each issue of the magazine, a real estate of the month is also from the wide range of sophisticated […]

Kernsanierters Apartment House

Immovaria GmbH: rehabilitation activities in historic districts of Nuremberg continued, in August 2010: the rehabilitation of grunderzeitlicher buildings in Leipzig by the Immovaria GmbH makes further progress. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Philadelphia Real Estate by clicking through. A multi-story residential house in the Georg-Schumann-Strasse, Gohlis-Sud, was rehabilitated by the Immovaria GmbH […]

Director Apartment

Already nearly sold out in the Centre of Friedrichsdorf Koppern arise condos-quality condominiums for seniors. The small residence with only 20 units is quietly and idyllically situated directly at Alder Creek. The shell is, now, the topping-out ceremony was celebrated with many guests in the Taunus. All participants were very satisfied with the construction project. […]