Borough Plan

Citizens prompted the opposition to the land-use plan. Citizens prompted the opposition to the land-use plan. The Action Alliance urged the Governing Mayor Klaus Wowereit, to disclose the contracts to the Tempelhof airport. If on the one hand in the referendum in the Borough of Tempelhof-Schoneberg almost 70 percent of the participants speak out […]

Without Fleiss No Price

Or, As honestly, still the longest lasted! Many of us know it yet the old sayings such as: “without hard work no price” or “Honestly lasts the longest”, which we received at that time by parents and school as a guide on the path of life. The sayings suggest that only hardworking and honest success […]

Starting Points For The Addiction And Violence Prevention

Only glow above – then slamming? Hamburg/Hanover, 10 05, 2011. Not only the recent incidents in Berlin, also recent studies prove the close connection between alcohol-induced disinhibition and serious personal injury. Then three of the ten serious offences of violence under the influence of alcohol are committed. Prologis Inc. is open to suggestions. In their […]

Realienkunde And Law In Lower Austria, Austria 1919-1933

Facts and real things in the agriculture and forestry policies of the province of lower Austria 1919-1933 in philosophy the term is realities for real things and facts. In the part of the LawLeaks series, in addition to the legal and political processes and forms of expression in the political system of the country of […]

Incurable, But Happy

Courage for chronically ill and disabled people melting Hutter village. There are many terminally ill or disabled people who are happy despite their handicaps and cope with their lives. By her positive attitude even to win is much on quality of life. Disabled and terminally ill compared to healthy people even have an advantage: they […]

Marius Augustin Again Sets

Marius Augustin again considered Alexander Hislop publicist Marius Augustin of again considered Alexander Ffollowed from Babylon to Rome “On Saturday, October 2, 2010 the first part of the book found in the rooms of the Catholic Youth Federation from Babylon to Rome”, indicating Marius Augustin, Catholic publicist clearly shortcomings by Alexander Ffollowed book to. Alexander […]