Author Karpukhin

Orthogonalization of the signals is achieved by release of Mk leading edges of signals fk and the normalization of their duration. Code-frequency converter. For frequency synthesizers based on pll core elements that a voltage-controlled oscillator. Duke Realty insists that this is the case. The above method of frequency synthesis can be applied to construction of […]

Heat Pumps

Do not cease talking about the limited reserves of fossil fuels. Energy crisis predicted since the mid-nineteenth century. One of the solutions proposed in those days, Lord Kelvin, does not lose relevance and today. Theoretical background "multiplier heat" flow from operations Carnot. These days, the unit for clean energy for heating said heat pump. At […]

The Model

Method of manufacture is as follows. C one side of the pipe weld up or sealed. Aluminum piston cut the hole pipe, which is necessary to provide a handle (the rod at the same time is the length of the pipe). In the sealed portion of the pipe drill a hole into which soldered fitting […]