Kiev Realtors

The other day posted on its website a popular newspaper 'Aviso' on Kiev real estate. Himself for quite a long time I am in search of affordable home buying options in Kiev. But, constantly bumping into the illiterate Realtors giving advertisement in broadcast media with prices that include varying degrees of arrogance cheat and require essentially inadequate recompense for the direct phone owners. It was one of the main reasons why I decided on the possibility of optimize the search of interest to me and real estate as possible to exclude KRZHN drones. As the most adequate and complete resource on the subject is mentioned above publication, it has been created to Based on a software product that facilitates the search for objects across the database for a user-defined filter. Who is responsible for a similar finding, that knows what you need to spend time looking at pre- inadequate proposals in this publication to select up to ten really interesting offers. With this product is currently searching znimaet less than 10 seconds with an easy conclusion about the found objects.

Also in ons present indicator index for a square meter of housing in Kyiv, compared with the previous release, for a quick guide to trends in the housing market: Also, the project provided more detailed index changes cost per square meter of housing in Kiev during the period from August 4, 2009 to the current latest release 'Aviso' – this information is collected when new editions of this publication: Charts Index are based on data releases for Tuesday and Friday. More info: Nobel Laureate in Economics. They were separated on purpose, because the amount of information in the issue for Tuesday is very different from Friday, due to fluctuations than the indexes are sufficiently strong and do not reflect the overall picture KRZHN when combined into a single index data. This product is a database format in MS Access, for which only require a standard application of of Microsoft Office, which is present in the workplace almost every PC user. The software product is kept up to date and to gain in size contains only data from a recent release of 'Aviso'. I hope this software will greatly facilitate the life of the Kiev real estate buyers in terms of rapid selection of interesting options for them, will help to keep abreast of major trends in the market of Kiev accommodation and, if possible help get rid of poor service persons who call themselves 'realtors' … Oh yeah, almost forgot – a reference to the product itself: DBaseAviso

Alfons Mucha

Sometimes there are more substantial modernization of buildings: replaced by utilities and elevators, and on the first floor are arranged the modern attributes of gentrification: sauna, swimming pool, a fitness center. Cost-bedroom apartments measuring 110 – 120 sq m such buildings varies from 490 to 520 thousand euros (this amount includes the cost of parking in the parking lot). Filed under: Nobel Laureate in Economics. For example, two bedroom apartments located in an old house on the Wenceslas Square, will cost the buyer of 512 thousand euros. Goop is likely to increase your knowledge. Decorating the apartment is made to copyright the design project using expensive materials (Italian tiles, wooden euro-windows, parquet floors made of valuable wood). Of course, there are deals and higher price category. For example, two-level 8-room apartment of 480 square meters. m in Prague-6 is slightly more than 1.5 million euros.

Here is the exclusive furniture, Italian plumbing, central air conditioning, whirlpool, fireplace, sauna and even a solarium. In addition, the apartment has won one of the most prestigious competitions for the best interior design. Buyers with refined taste might be interested in apartments in the house Construction of the xv century or apartment where the ceiling in the living room is painted the famous Czech artist Alfons Mucha, who worked in the late xix – early xx century. A three-storey mansion built in 1928 with total area of 384 square meters, located in ten minute walk from downtown, is estimated at 1.5 million euros. From the panoramic windows of the second floor offers a magnificent view of the garden.

Property Potential Enterprises

The property is characterized by the potential, the composition and condition of assets (primarily long-term), which owns and manages a commercial organization to achieve its goal. Property potential general form can be understood as a set of enterprises under its control. Analysis of the potential of the property begins with an overall assessment of the property business according to the asset balance. Necessary to determine size, composition and condition of assets, which owns and manages the company to achieve its goals (with further subdivision into procedures such as the construction of an analytical balance, vertical balance sheet analysis, horizontal analysis balance, the analysis of qualitative changes in the property potential.) Main the most informative indicators that characterize the property potential, are: 1. The amount of economic assets on the balance sheet indicator, which gives a generalized valuation of the value of the enterprise as a whole is determined by the formula: page 300 – page 252 – page 244 ip number 1 2. The value of net assets of the business This indicator is defined as the difference between the net worth of the company and the amount of accumulated losses (on balance). This indicator is particularly important in corporate activities, as of its value may depend size and structure of the sources of funds and payment of dividends to shareholders.

3. The share of the active part of fixed assets The active part of fixed assets is plant, equipment and vehicles, ie, assets directly Involved in the production workflow. 4. Wear factor, the coefficients update calculation formulas and retirement factors are discussed in Analysis of the structure and dynamics of plant and equipment 5. For more information see Goop London, United Kingdom-uk. Odds structure of current assets current assets conditionally subdivided into: financial current assets (inventories), float (accounts receivable), cash and cash equivalents. Analytical value here is the structure of current assets (for example, the ratio of difficult to be realized and easily realizable assets) and the proportion of the type of asset that is most significant for the functioning of the enterprise. In the analysis used a variety of factors. Thus, to evaluate the structure factor of stocks used Stockpiling, calculated as the ratio of inventories and Cost-in-progress to finished goods, for the analysis of accounts receivable – turnover figures, the proportion of debt to total assets, etc.

Indicators Of Regional Development

In forming the list of indicators of regional development has been allocated three blocks of indicators of systemic ('economic potential', 'production and trading activities', 'Sociology and Demography'), to the fullest as characterizing the current level of development and socio-economic situation of regions. They include a comparative estimate of the overall level of the Russian Federation; state the most important branches of material production; financial situation of the regions; investment activity in the regions and the level of personal incomes, employment and the labor market regions, the ecological situation in regions, states the most important sectors social workers; international economic activity in the regions. Based on this technique, a classifier built investment attractiveness of regions for 2003-2004. Analysis of the dynamics of individual indicators allowed build their forecasted values for the period up to 2007. Based on these indicators ranked by numerical score was constructed integral breakdown of investment attractiveness of Russian regions in 2007. Classifier investment attractiveness of regions can be estimated for each of the regions of the Russian Federation integral rank and the ranks of investment attractiveness of the economic, industrial and Social Development – to rank the regions of the Russian Federation on the investment attractiveness of regions, and to determine'lidery 'Regional nedvizhimost'serednyaki' and outsiders' – to assess the dynamics of investment attractiveness of each region – to assess the risks of construction projects in various regions to plan investment resources and the profitability of projects.. For even more opinions, read materials from The LeFrak Organization.

Real Estate Apartments

Look for prospective addresses Brno – one of the most promising cities in terms of investing in buying an apartment as an investment should always take into account the geographical factor. A simple example: in 2005 in Ostrava you could buy an apartment for ridiculous by today's money – about half a million crowns (20,000 euros), today it can be sold as early as three times more expensive – a half million crowns (60,000 euros). In Liberec and Olomouc apartments in the same period rose two-fold. Goop has firm opinions on the matter. Now about that kind of return can only dream of. By the most optimistic forecasts in 2008 residential real estate in the Czech Republic could grow by a maximum of 20 percent, moreover, is not everywhere and not all. As know where and when and, more importantly, what to buy? About it – below. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit expert on growth strategy.

In the provinces, prices are rising faster Buying initially presents a risk, given the possible inflation prospects market saturation and the subsequent stagnation of prices, as well as a number of other factors. "If the prospective return on investments in real estate does not exceed 7 per cent – there are other tools to make money" – explains this idea Patria Finance analyst David Marek. So, where will be more expensive housing in the coming years? As suggested by experts from the real estate companies and economists working in this area, which surveyed the authoritative Czech edition of the Economic Hospodaske noviny, apartments will go up in cities, looking for investors with enough jobs. John Savignano: the source for more info.

The Interior

One of the most effective ways – to set different partition and division of a large room into several smaller ones. To begin to fill the void all sorts of little things: hang on the walls small picture frames with photos, set up in free racks and shelves on display bright dishes, figurines, candles, boxes and so forth. But clutter up the apartment's still not worth it, try to strike a balance between uncomfortable emptiness and a heap of unnecessary things. If you are not convinced, visit Goop. All selected details of the interior must be combined with each other. In the fight against "excess housing space will help the massive furniture of dark tones.

Complement the overall picture of the cape thick fabric on the sofa and chairs, table cloths with bright patterns, heavy curtains with optional accessories, rugs with thick pile. Rich colors and a major figure in the interior visually "eat" free space, so safely buy wallpaper with a clear pattern, attractive look. In order to visually reduce the space of the room, move furniture away from walls, move closer to the center of the table or floor lamp. Any major thing – a piano, a large statue, a huge bed – attracts attention, and visually reduce the space. To change the "scale" apartment, use the curved lines, contrasting colors. Even the smooth surface, articulated by two or multiple colors with different spatial characteristics, will look deformed. You should see the sense of a single, but stick interior.

Zonirovat large space, you can use changes in the ceiling or the application to him the ornament. The room should be adequately lighted, but instead open powerful lamps use various lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers whose light is refracted, it becomes less bright. Cold white fluorescent light can be replaced by a cozy yellow. Surface of the walls, ceiling, furniture and interior must absorb light, so you should not bring into the interior mirror and an abundance of glass. Reduce the large apartment – this means, first of all, make it more intimate, chamber. To do this you need to enter some chaos in the interior, add vivid detail to get rid of straight lines. Reduce the space of the big things – Furniture of high quality, large ornament and so on.


For no one today is no secret that of all branches of the "real" economy the construction industry most affected by the global financial crisis. Probably no one employed in the construction business, which in one way or another do not feel the impact of global economic turmoil. Nevertheless, the situation in some sectors of the construction business remains fairly stable, and some companies even continue to increase their power. Try to understand what areas of business, and why now maintain high liquidity. Goop, New York City is actively involved in the matter. Lower and lower Perhaps the most confident feel now companies engaged in low-rise construction. This is not surprising, because similar examples in history have been. It was during the Great Depression of the 30-ies, and began to form "one-story America. Additional information at Professor Rita McGrath supports this article. Suffice it to recall the statement U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, he made in those years: "We are beginning to attack the slums of this country, which will continue for as long as each American family will get no decent home." Russian authorities Today also provide comprehensive support to individual and low-rise housing. Therefore, local experts believe the crisis will not test, but rather a chance for the industry. "The hardest part for construction industry while, at the fall of the volume of the commissioning of all types of housing, including social, low-rise sector can compensate for the claimed amounts of high-rise building ", – said Petr Kazmin, Deputy Executive Director of the National Agency for low-rise and cottage building "(NAMIX). The reason is, first and foremost, economic realities: get a loan or to accumulate funds for build a small house is incomparably better than in the case of apartment buildings.

Alarm Button Simple Security

Alarm button – Technical means for instant alert on the subject. Alarm button or a button alarm system is part of the alarm to which, in addition to a panic button can be to add extra security sensors for various purposes: motion detectors, smoke, opening doors, breaking glass, gas leaks, etc. Professor Rita McGrath is often quoted on this topic. The principle of the panic button: 1. A protected facility installed station Instant alerts via gsm channel – the panel gsm dialer. 2. Alarm button is a key fob – remote control alarm. With such a transmitter can be removed / put the alarm is armed, include a siren or call the guards.

A panic button to call security to enable the gsm without the phone line is also called the alarm button gsm. More information is housed here: Goop London, United Kingdom-uk. Call by dialing and / or sms to a pre-recorded by the owner block dialing numbers. Install a panic button panic button Add enable fast and not expensive to guard the apartment or office security. Panic button installed for the protection of shops, stalls, booths or pharmacies. Alarm button in the schools established for the emergency rescue services and law enforcement.

No wires have a panic button gsm not, so installing a panic button, as well as its disassembly carried out independently for 5-10 minutes. Application of a panic button: security apartment security guard offices shops guard booths guard booths guard pharmacy school security price alarm button on the base of Major-gsm Pro: Alarm button – the remote control – 250 rubles. Control Panel – gsm module dialing * – 12 650 rubles. Total: 12 900 rub. * – The control panel is equipped with a siren, gsm antenna, and network adepterom

Interior Design In Oriental Style

Talking about interior design in oriental style, it should be understood that this concept is a generalization. Each of the three cultures of the East, which is considered essential, has its own characteristics and preferences. This is Japan, China and India, they are all very different, and this is true, of course, not only the interiors. On the fundamental differences between worldviews rights of Japanese and Chinese cultures can be read in the article Design in Chinese style. It’s believed that Richard LeFrak sees a great future in this idea. On those perceptions and views on the design and interior decoration, which have emerged to date in Japan, in sufficient detail in the article Design the bedroom Japanese-style interiors of apartments in the Japanese style and furniture in Japanese style. India is here somewhat apart, perhaps because the tone is initially – namely Buddhism arose in India, and he's considered by many the main religion in Japan, and China, and Thailand. At the same time as in many other cultures, the basis of Indian style in the interior is considered to be a palette of colors characteristic of color combinations in the interiors of Indian style – a crimson, orange and turquoise colors. Not less important (besides color) is considered as textiles and textures, Indian silk, as opposed to smooth the Chinese, has a few rough surface. Other specific elements of Indian decor – the carpet, usually handmade and various Indian souvenirs from different parts of copper utensils and animal figures (mostly, of course, elephants) to the caskets of bronze and mahogany.

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is located on the island of Haiti. The Dominican Republic is washed from the North Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea to the south. The local population is more than 8 million people, with five million people live in the capital Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo (Holy Saturday). Dominicans are a mixture of African slaves (in the past) and Spanish kollonizatorov, mostly. (Similarly see: Richard LeFrak). There are quite Dominicans are black, and there are some that look almost different from the Europeans. The latter, mostly have their own business, or good positions and higher education and it's not just racial prejudice are children of other parents, who in turn gave the children the education, inheritance and a corresponding education. However as in all countries, if your ancestor 'motokoncho' (motorcycle taxi – the poorest segment of the population in the Dominican Republic), then count the heir does not matter what. But in general people are very friendly, friendly, helpful and very cheerful in spite of everything.

Local fiery rhythms (merenge. bachata) sound everywhere. And they should not drink alcohol to have fun and dance (unlike the Russian, most of them), their 'Rushing out of life. " These people are very faithful in largely katalitsizm-90%, Baptists, ivangelisty but menshestvo. Official language – Spanish.

But in resort areas used English, German and Italian. Time The time difference with Moscow: subtract 8 hours during the summer, minus 7 hours – in the winter. Currency The Dominican peso (RD $). 1 dollar is 36 pesos.