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They pointed with respect to top, the sky. Of the religions most primitive to the most elaborated this not dumb. Deuses had come and come back toward the sky. Religar with deuses is the religious expectation. You may want to visit Clarion Partners Europe to increase your knowledge. Not to breach the linking that the idea of the sacred one instituted ' ' sagrado' ' it means ' ' what it belongs to deuses' ' , it meant in the archaic societies to keep some type of imaginary contact with these individuals, that demonstrated human feeling of relevancy stops with them. As the Man was created by them, for them he would have to live.

Also, in the vain hope of that they took pity of the new creature it rescued and it for the world of where they had come. Only that these faces if had been and never more they had come back to rescue nobody or to complain property. To prevent the sanguinolenta crudity for backwards of the meaning of the word ' ' religio' ' deuses was attracted as flies I smell for it of the meat and of its inquietante history, many prefer to argue regarding an undeniable cosmic intelligence or, for example, to teorizar on the quantum physics (that almost nobody understands) in the hope to order for the confines of cosmo this nightmare of the Antiquity. Educate yourself with thoughts from M Ashton Kouzbari. The versions simplest never are most popular. However, our proper daily experience assevera that a possibility does not annul to another one necessarily. Histories are misty on deuses and they do not specify intentions or lineages of these come individuals are known there of where. But a thing is certain, difference between sacred and the profane one only exists for the men, does not stop they. It is enough to think that daqui to some decades, the least technical, in them will be possible to repeat the same done in another planet.

Of The 30 Years War End The French Intervention And The Peace Of Westphalia

The military and religious struggle between Catholics and Protestants for supremacy in Central Europe (a war that had already been 14 years continuing) was reaching its most crucial stage. The icy and nublosa morning of November 16, 1632, Protestant Gustavo Adolfo II of Sweden and his 19,000 men, and the Catholic forces of Albretch von Wallenstein with nearly 25,000 men, were running towards the plains of Lutzen, northeast of the road of Leipzig (Saxony, Germany current) to decide the final course of the war. Sweden, weeks ago, had achieved a resounding victory at the battle of Breitenfield, where Maj. Gen. of the Catholic League, Johan Tzerclaes, famous Tilly’s had died.

Philip II, the Emperor of the Germans States, longed for revenge. And he played even his pride calling Wallenstein, who had dismissed years ago. The Swedish hosts advance was rapid and forceful. Source: Keith Schneider. Throughout Saxony, Pomerania, Magdeburg and the Palatinate, had fallen under its control. Gustavo II, a true portent of the Organization and the strategy, had initiated a systematic looting of Catholic property and reinforced Protestant possessions so lose this battle, the Evangelical pre-eminence would be inevitable. Here, Vadim Wolfson expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Eve, Maj.

Gen. German Felipe II, Von Wallenstein, diminished by the gout disease, had ordered, with some desperation, dig trenches and establishing the final order of battle and strategy. Wallenstein, against an enemy of superior skill, knows that fight without more reinforcements would be madness. But the proximity of Sweden forces him to accept a battle that does not want to. At 2 in the morning, Wallenstein sends a message of relief to the general Gottfried Graf von Pappenheim Cologne. The enemy advances wrote. Dear Lord, let everything else and go with your forces and artillery to help me. You can be here tomorrow morning. (Gustavo of Sweden) is still in the step of Rippach. Pappenhein, for Catholic luck, joins his cause and next to his 8,000 men out of Cologne before dawn to scratch.

Vittorio Guidano

Accordingly, we can say that personal system and the environment, of which one is distinguished in a constant process of epistemological self-referentiality, two systems are in permanent complex functional relationship characterized, precisely, to the other being irreducible. Summary the psychology is the discipline that deals with study and explain the human person, considered not as philosophical abstraction but as observable phenomenon from the scientific point of view. To answer the question: what is a person? I have taken into account the contributions of William James, George Herbert Mead, Humberto Maturana and Vittorio Guidano. Mead (1934) pointed out that what characterizes the person is to be object to itself. Maturana (b 1993) comes to similar conclusions; argues that the experience of self-awareness that occurs in people is a recursive autodistincion experience and the generative mechanism that allows this to happen is the operation in the language. DCT is likely to increase your knowledge.

Thus, the peculiar characteristic that distinguishes a person as class is congnoscitiva self-referentiality. Human persons are, firstly, bodies; We belong to the order of primates. M Ashton Kouzbari is the source for more interesting facts. This perspective is considered epistemological evolutionary knowledge as a property of the same, non-exclusive life of human beings; and this allows us to take into account the cognitive processes that appear in the Primate subjectivity, intersubjectivity and link that constitute the conditions for the development of the human experience. On the other hand, the person is not present from birth but it is a constructive process that occurs through socialization, live the dynamics of interaction, in the language of an individual of the species homo sapiens sapiens. Live in the language allows you to expand and complejice the knowledge, increasing, in addition, the sense of differentiation from each other and the world, and subjectivity. Just as we ordered the external world, we also ordered our subjective inner world in order to give direction, stability and continuity to our experience of being one differentiated among each other. As agencies, and according to the approach posracionalista (Maturana & Varela, 1984;) Maturana, 1993 b), we are determined in our structure systems: we know according to our own structural determinations. Human knowledge, then, in both that self-organization of the experience itself, is not only cognitive but also emotional.

Finally, it is important to recognize the ontological perspective that involves observing the experience itself being a person as to whom he has that experience, I and you specific and particular (James, 1890). In this sense, Guidano (1991, 1993) notes that in every moment of your life the person has, simultaneously, the immediate experience of being herself and a explanation of such experience. Maturana has also made great contributions to the sciences humanists, through the therapeutic approach matriztico of acceptance of descientizado humans, mainly to the constructivist psychology, both procedural systemic as posracionalista, citing it in their main systems drew therapy allows, in a protected space to rediscover the pillars of human relations, learning to communicate positively, develop skills of empathy towards the fanilia and sonsLearn to listen to from the other and bring back the relationship spaces of respect, acceptance and recognition of the other as a person other than us. This is l

Private Property

The private property of the nature and the denial to her being DEDICATION ORLANDO MAGNO project world of nature. Human beings trying to liberate themselves. as beings belonging to living organisms of human nature. They forgot that nature and human, form what is called the unit. Then believing to be wise they became fools. Vanity, avarice and luxury. It corrupted the bowels and categorical foundations of blood as the body.

Of the spirit as essence, of being as part of nature on Earth. Finally the excuses needed a physical support, which although wretched, miserable and cowardly. It would finally give them the reason. M Ashton Kouzbari has firm opinions on the matter. Therefore devised the way most appropriate to remove him to everyone theirs. To conquer the supposed glory of their hearts, they wished to divest not only the man of their primitive nature, but they also became idolatrous of economic systems and those who are responsible for the submission. The vos of injustice cry at the four winds private property. The legal reasons supported everything else. Crime, corruption, famine, war, pestilence and death of many.

When the man and his murderous appetite Avain and madness encroachment in the soul of men. Two new enemies, were devised since the cups should be consecrated to the blood. Those who? The nature of the Earth and every living animal. Thus the first beauty of the Earth according to the stupidity of men, not compared with the second. Because the latter showed outward, never inward. He shone more, because all admired it. The artificial and needs grew infinitely. Therefore there is no place to land. There is no place for animals. We ask the following. When invaded the small Territories which we have left the animals, we do not break the private property of the same? Have do to if not we formed a farce that we call human rights and that States of the earth do not respect? Do if there is something called human rights, there should be no other code that says the rights of nature? There should something that is called the rights of animals be? It is that States hit, kill and imprison those who are against abortion, of the destruction of nature, and the murder of animals not true? We say that animals do not have right to their private property, because they do not speak, they don’t think, they do not reason? Is not doubly miserable man when making use of reason, commits any act of uncleanliness and inferiority against nature and animals? I can assure you that 70% of epidemics, diseases and pollution. It has been the consequence generated destroy vile and evil-mind the natural ecosystems of the Earth. Ye are so foolish that you have forgotten the harmony of which I speak Leibniz.

The Right Of Ownership

THE right of ownership article 923 of the Civil Code establishes that: property is the legal power that allows you to use, enjoy having and claim a good, must be exercised in harmony with the social interest and within the limits of the law of property is a real right par excellence, which comprises all the faculties of the man on the goodwhich attaches to the owner the law of use or use of the good by nature, ius utendi. also consists of enjoyment enjoyment or exploitation of the good fruit, ius fruendi perceiving. the owner can also have good temporarily ceding the good and be able to retrieve it, and entitled secreta good; ius vindicate. Characteristics of the right of ownership. The property is a right in rem; Property is the paramount and fundamental of rights in rem, as others depart from it. The property is an autonomous right; as it is effective against third parties (erga omnes) the rest are obliged to respect the domain’s owner. The property right is perpetual; the property cannot be extinguishes, it has no time limitation, it is a perpetual right. It is an exclusive right;The property is exclusive only porq the owner granted the right to use, enjoy and dispose a biencon exclusion of others.

It is an inviolable right; The one guarantees in its article 70 when he says that; the propiedada right is inviolable, the State guarantees it, is exercised ena harmony of good common and within the limits of the law. It is a right elastic; The property is pure and is apart from any charge or encumbrance, without altering its essential unity. It is an autonomous right. Does not depend on any other right, it is a main and independent right. Connect with other leaders such as Munear Ashton Kouzbari here. Vindicatory action vindicatory action is a real action par excellence, this action is imprescriptible, vindication is the action that the owner has no holder against the holder against the possessor no owner, as we can in the reivindicaion is claimed ownership and not the domain.

Requirements: a) the reivindicante should be the owner; for which (it must prove their right of property presenting title them corresponding b) identification of the good; You must specify the characteristics of good identificandolo. (c) the calling thing is found in the possession of the demanadado; the action is directed against the possessor no owner, if it claims to be the owner by any title, cumulatively demanded annulment of title. i.e. the immediate possessor. Compulsory expropriation expropriation is covered in the public necessity and upon payment of compensation. the expropriation is an act whereby the forced disposal of their property to the State, in exchange for a justipreciada compensation is imposed on individuals.


Unusually … But I always get used to it too quickly – but grow out so I can not. She comes home early and holding a phone – and do not know whether to call me … She asked me yesterday what I would have done in her place … Yes, all the same thing, because I – it it, and it – it's me. And at that moment I allowed myself to get scared and leave, not just my words are impaired, but also a sense – in seconds, viscous as honey, but is rapidly departing from us like sand through his fingers. But in periphery of the illusion of the eternity and immutability of existing in this world, when only one step away from the abyss of despair, pain and destructive, no one will ever believe in the possibility that everything has a habit of end. This property of every person – to his last breath, until recently, looking to believe in the inevitability of the possibility of happiness. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Vadim Belyaev, Moscow Russia.

I'm with maniacal persistence over the years painstakingly building their wall between themselves and environment. And unpleasantly sharp and I was struck by a sense of fear that soon it will stay behind this wall of paralytic weakness through which to me did not get through and not get through. I suppose I was too afraid that even though someone allow himself to regret I must have eventually become impossible to trust people and let them get too close to him …


Horacio E. Perhaps check out Western Digital Corporation for more information. Experience from 1989 to 2000 Camors Hector M. Construction Real Estate Sales Camors House for rent, home made and third parties. Sales of lots for enterprises of rural housing construction management of municipal approval of survey and subdivision. Sale of fields throughout the province. To know more about this subject visit Vadim Belyaev, New York City. Holiday homes, apartments, offices, warehouses and shops, with corresponding risk study of customers based on information supplied by the customers, antecedents of the services obtained from credit risk and that of our real estate network. Valuations of land, houses, shops and offices for rent and sale. SALE RENT Camors 2000’2007 Holder Signature Dedicated to the sale of properties UrbanosAlquileres Sub Urban and housing estate offices and commercial premises ruralesTasaciones sales and rental of housing and commercial property class electrician Technical Education 1988 ENET n 1 Gral Manuel Belgrano completed 4th year of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, UNNE. Professional Registration 506/1997 auctioneer auctioneer and Realtor, Faculty of Law at the Universidad Nacional del Litoral 2005.

Certificate of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS Agents Real Estate Appraisal Certificate courses in the province organized by the College of Martilleros, Real Estate Chamber and Buenos Aires organized by the Real Federacion Argentina. Courses Sales, Marketing and Customer Care organized by the Chamber of Commerce Chaco Court Appraisal Course Appraisal of the Nation 2008 Interest Socio Camara Inmobiliaria del Chaco. Integro conduction as Vice Chairman of the House Property Partner Chaco Chaco Martilleros College .. Participate in meetings of the College of Martilleros del Chaco. Participate in meetings of the Federation as a delegate Property Argentina CICH.

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Investment Corporation

This is a current financial technique, whose success rests on the suitability and flexibility to provide funding to companies alternatives to the traditional in the form of mortgage loans or insurance policies with a mortgage guarantee. Sale and Leaseback is linked to the principle of freedom of Covenant, at the time acting the capacity of adaptation of the obligation to the real needs of each company so you sue lace is achieved by the reconciliation of interests. Through Sale and leaseback undertakings can inject funding to its own funds through its fixed assets. Sale and leaseback is a contract whereby a company sells a well its property of nature, movable or immovable, to commercial, Investment Corporation or a financial institution of leasing, which, simultaneously, granted on lease (leasing) the use of the same good, against payment of a periodic fee, during a certain period, and at the end of which gives you the option to buy the good, upon payment of the residual value preset, of extend the contract or return the good. Sale and leaseback is a genuine contract of financing, through a private company or financial institution of leasing, with different media to the traditional, the activity of another company is the production of goods or the provision of services. To know more about this subject visit Vadim Wolfson. In the contract of Sale and leaseback is characterized by the articulation of its content through general clauses, which cover only certain aspects of the contract, leaving the parties free to negotiate the elements themselves or, better, typical of each contract. Why it is so important when negotiating special clauses, mediation and negotiation based on principles, which seek a reconciliation of interests. From the economic point of view, the Sale and Leaseback Agreement for the tenant company has a number of advantages, including: 1. an operation of divestiture of fixed assets, i.e..