Turkey Real Estate Acquisition

The reasons for buying property in Turkey. Considering the many reasons for buying property in Turkey is to provide five key: First, this is the best offer overseas property in terms of price / quality ratio. Content and service apartments, villas, hotels and land on the Turkish coast is much lower than in the Moscow region. Second, a good investment with growth in property prices in all regions and the possibility of obtaining additional income from renting the acquired property. In addition, the prospect of Turkey joining the eu will increase the value of real estate in order.

Acquisition of Property in Turkey. Also, the only An example from foreign countries, giving the right to obtain a residence permit for five years. Convenient transport connections to , where almost all year round – summer, winter – plus 18-20 degrees, for skiers 60 km from is a mountain with a ski lift, and the presence in Russian secondary schools and kindergarten. Luxury housing and affordable apartments and houses which give the possibility to save on vacation during the holidays and holidays at low prices food, clothing, furniture, etc. Variants of acquiring real estate; as a private person; in the name of a registered company (Limited Liability Company).

The whole procedure of buying in the name of the company, including registration firm takes a week. Joined the firm would cost between $ 1000 – 1500 euros, including all registration fees. The process of buying real estate private person, regardless of nationality, take longer period.

Early Construction

Under literal interpretation of the rule violation will only be those cases where the object is shared construction will be transmitted later than that envisaged by the agreement. If the object is shared construction will be transferred to participatory construction earlier period specified in the agreement (and such cases occur in practice), it will not constitute a violation of developer commitments. At the same time, this provision is inconsistent with Clause 3, Article. 8 of the Law on participation in the joint construction, according to which after the developer in the prescribed procedure permits the initial operation of apartment buildings and (or) a real estate developer is obliged to pass an object to share construction no later than the specified contract period. It is not allowed Early response to developer obligations to hand over the object, unless otherwise stipulated by the contract.

The contract should not only be shown the very possibility of early delivery, but also set it as possible. In addition, term transfer facility shared construction should be uniform for all participants. However, a single term deposit facility shared construction can be extended both to the entire object to share construction and on its separate parts – a block section. Block section can not be any part of the new buildings, but only that which meets the Act provided for a joint construction requirements. It should have a separate entrance from the exit the territory of the public. Passing an object of shared construction is carried out by signed by the parties act of transfer or other document on the transfer after obtaining permission of the developer to enter into operation of the property within two months, but no later than stipulated by the contract deadline.

Should be distinguished from the transfer of the construction contractor to the developer and the transmission of the same object from the developer to participatory construction. If you would like to know more about John Savignan, then click here. These are two different processes, which may not coincide in time. Act constituting a handover completed project (reconstructed, repaired) by agreement between customer (the developer) and the person performing the construction, provided Section 4 of Art. 753 of the Civil Code: ‘Putting the result of work by the contractor and customer acceptance of its processed Act signed by both parties. ” In practice, this signing of the act is made on Form N KC-14.

The Interior

It is also necessary leave a small gap between the strip and accessories so she was able to move freely but horizontally. Siding can be installed horizontally, vertically or diagonally. For if the material is horizontal, that in no case can put it vertically, and vice versa. Breathes there a house covered with siding? Of course, due to ventilation through the perforations. In addition, properly executed installation of panels and accessories provides high-quality ventilation walls of the house, not missing at the same water. Taking this when installing the siding at the same time you can insulate the house. Wall tied up vapor barrier material into the frame sheathing is installed insulation, and then – a layer of waterproofing material. And only then Tabs siding.

Thus, the house is insulated from the outside, the area of the interior has not diminished. Siding protects the building from adverse natural influences (particularly from moisture and the formation of fungus) and also used as decoration. Vinyl siding is widely used in housing construction – from the lodges and finishing with high-rise buildings. It is important that it can be mounted on the wall of any type, plaster, wood, concrete, masonry. Because of this and the old shabby buildings reconstructed quickly and cheaply, finding your style. Industrial sites and buildings in need of enhanced protection against fire and hostile environments (eg, gas stations, car washes, etc.), it is best to trim metal siding. Problem of choosing the parameters different brands of quality vinyl siding on the Russian market, are presented in Table 3.

Companies Construction

Cost of the facilities have always been incorporated in the price per square meter, but in a situation where one apartment, there are ten buyers, developers could save, usually by allocating a small own sales department, a separate company, to remove unnecessary questions of value added, explaining its services subsidiary agency. With a main objective the promotion and implementation of facilities solely builder, skills, active sales staff often did not have. In the fall of purchasing power similar to "hothouse" of the enterprise proved ineffective. This happened mainly due to limited supply, as the options and range of related services. In addition, virtually no demand for basic services exclusive revenue "Hothouse companies, such as registration of assignment of claims, which inevitably enjoyed investors – speculators. Today these agencies simply do not justify its costs. Increased importance of real estate Companies that have good branch system, qualified staff.

Sometimes to the agency, as a last straw, turning the company close to bankruptcy stage. For those of construction companies raised funds from investors will be "drop in the ocean of debt, and investors have joined the ranks of those who looks forward to his apartment for years. The second category of problematic developers – is an enterprise with the task of recruiting funds for items with problematic and unfinished documentation for construction. This is a serious factor in the future may create obstacles in the construction of houses and at the stage of commissioning. Worth Note that there can not be made the distinction between specific developers, because a construction company can be both qualitative and problematic sites.

Reconstructive Surgery

"Pick the right surgeon for you is all the fun and the greatest challenge they face, to choose to do rhinoplasty. There are several national organizations and state and many local organizations where talented, certified professionals come together to offer the public a safe place to find competent, honest rhinoplasty surgeons. I mentioned earlier in this text was the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), a respected organization that provides listings of professional surgeons around the country, and all information that may be needed in achieving help in selecting the physician. Another is the American Academy of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS). The Internet, your local library or even your family doctor can help you find the listings and certifications of registered physicians in your area for talk. Remember, up to you to decide who you trust to do the work in the nose. Interview as many doctors as you can until you find the understand exactly what you are and what he wants and is willing to work on the budget you have in mind.

Many doctors have waiting lists so the time is obviously a factor. If for some reason you feel the need to work quickly after a large number of doctors, which can be booked months in advance, will not be right for you. If you have time to wait for the doctor then you have a wider pool to choose from. Probably the best way to find a doctor is to ask people, friends, who know they might have had some "work" done on their faces. You will be amazed at the response. People would not have dreamed that have had plastic surgery will soon present their stories.

And best of all, if you did not know he had the job done, it was probably an excellent job. Most people do not want a drastic change in their faces. Irregularity want fixed, some aging reversed or trauma of childhood, finally served. If you can not say the work was done, if the person has no complaints about the price paid, the treatment she received, and most importantly, about the appearance of the finished product, then this is more like a doctor you want to talk about working in the nose. The best advice I ever received information about plastic surgery on the election of a doctor, about to alter their appearance to better do your homework, ask questions, do not rush into anything, knowing as much as possible about the potential job you want to do and people who are thinking of trust with the job. According to Professor Rita McGrath, who has experience with these questions. The more time is spent in advance, the better the odds of getting exactly what you want? or more! "Provides comprehensive information on preparing and recovering from rhinoplasty, as well as costs, surgeons and procedures, including revision rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty Info is the site sister

Selling Property

In order to sell quickly, this price must be at the level of similar objects in this class. In order to sell very quickly, the price must be the lowest of the proposed apartments on the market. Once you determine the price you need to perform a set of measures to find buyers. It includes: advertising in specialized advertising publications. Advertising should always go out and be visible in form, content should cause a potential buyer wish to call, and even better for you to come and look at your apartment or other property. In addition to advertising, are working effectively, so-called pasting ad. More and more people use when searching for real estate opportunities of the Internet. Credit: Professor Rita McGrath-2011. And, accordingly, you will need to ensure that information about your site on the web.

Such information should include photos, layout, and preferably video. Greenberg Traurig shines more light on the discussion. Well help to find a profitable buyer search tools such as placing a banner on the facade of the building, distribution of promotional booklets and leaflets. And it is very useful have in the arsenal's most powerful tool sales – accumulated customer base. The buyer must not only find but also interested. It happens that the seller so talking to callers and people coming to him that literally to scare away. They have lost all desire to buy this property. It is therefore very important to have negotiation skills.

Several rules of effective presentation of the object: 1) Identify requirements buyer. What is important to him. 2) Accept the disadvantages of an object, turn them into advantages 3) Be calm and confident, with a friendly, even when you specifically point to the defects present in your facility Property 4) Own the technical and legal issues that relate to your subject 5) Discuss the experience and opinion of the buyer, leave him to presentation material. And schedule your further joint action In any case, if you decide to do this work yourself, these suggestions will help as quickly as possible and thus expensive to sell your property.

Chinese Medical Plasters

Terminological dictionary approved by the Ministry of Health of the USSR July 2, 1980 (Order 692), gives a definition of the patch: 'patch dosage form in a plastic mass that is capable to soften at body temperature and adhere to the skin or in the form of the same mass on a flat carrier, designed for outdoor use. " Chinese medicinal plasters are based on the secrets of Tibetan medicine. The oldest known recipes Physicians East, and numerous experiments and research scientists from different disciplines (physicians, pharmacists, physicists, engineers, geologists and others kamnevedov) served as the basis for health care patches, which became a revolutionary discovery in modern Chinese medicine. Dr. Kai Qi Wei (China) has created the latest biotechnology cleaning the body through the feet (patch treasure trees). Today the world the medical community recognizes the therapeutic and preventive patches that are based on ancient recipes professionals and technicians under the supervision of the National Research Institute of China medicine and pharmacology, the most effective Chinese medicines. Chinese medicinal plasters include self-regulation mechanisms of the body, have immunogarmoniziruyuschee action, have anti-inflammatory, anti, anti-virus and anti-bacterial, oboezbolivayuschy and absorbing effects.

The use of medicinal patches leads to the restoration of the whole organism. Effect of Chinese medicinal plasters based for that: First human skin breathes and absorbs different components of the environment, Second of the human body (the skin) are biologically active points (BAP) working on that you can change the work order body that is associated with a given point; Skin wonderful way to deliver drugs especially when you want to create their high concentration in a specific area, such as joint pain, pain syndrome, after trauma or inflammation. Due to the property of the skin to breathe and absorb the components, therapeutic substance from the patch quickly into the bloodstream, bypassing the gastrointestinal tract and liver. This eliminates breakdown of active substances and their adverse effects on the stomach and intestines. Therapeutic effect is much faster than after administration of oral medications. Therapeutic patch is convenient, safe and easy to use.

High effectiveness of medical adhesives is achieved through five types of recreational activities: the treatment of the components of herbs (herbal medicine), treatment with aromatic oils (aromatherapy) Since the patch there is a protective layer – tissue, essential oils do not evaporate and longer affect the body. treatment with resins of trees (singing therapy); harmonizing – energy impact, in patches of natural healing ingredients laid Program (Matrix) of Health, which through the energy channels of biologically active points goes to the corresponding authorities. News impact (on the principle of homeopathy). Made from Chinese medicinal plasters healthful natural products. Get a therapeutic effect may be sticking plaster on the BAP (acupressure points), directly on the area of pain along the spinal column (paravertebral) on reflex zones (zones Zakharyin-Ged), or Su-Jok method. Medicinal plaster is a means of emergency in all kinds of pain including headache. Simultaneously, medical plaster is a means of recovery, while the effect is more pronounced than previously used medical adhesive. Start of production of adhesives – 1952god in China in a small factory. The company currently produces a huge enterprise Tianhe up to 400 million patches per year. The company has excellent control system, conducts research, develops new products constantly.

Argentina Law

Not notified of its contents were waiting for the publication in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Argentina, Argentina Law 26 473. This occurred on Wednesday January 21, 2009. As stated in Article 4U, of the same: a This Law shall enter into force on the day of its publication in the Official Gazette . The same was enacted on 17 th December 2008 and promulgated on the January 12, 2009. Speaking candidly Robert J. Shiller told us the story. This will compliment all the constitutional requirements for its entry into force. a Reza its Article 1U: a Prohibits, as of December 31, 2010, the import and sale of incandescent general residential use throughout the territory of Argentina. 2U its article states: a empowers the National Executive to set exceptions for technical reasons, functional and operational, on the products covered by the measure, through the established mechanisms and methodology for this purpose. And the article 3U Specifies: a The National Executive may adopt the measures necessary to facilitate the importation of energy saving lamps, parts, supplies, components and / or equipment for their production, reducing or releasing of charges and import taxes Through the powers to be conferred in the Customs Code of the Republic Argentina.AR (End of article.) initiates the communication, said he was awaiting the enactment of this law, because not notified of its contents, when it was just a project of parliament, the visualizabamos as susceptible are becoming a sort of paradigm, in order to take on the crisis multidimensional in that it has entered the planet, being the energy and environmental dimension more visible face. a There is consensus at least in scientific circles that this crisis has a strong anthropic.

Rostov Home Ownership

Rostov-on-Don, traditionally offers a great opportunity for those who want to live "on the ground, leaving the standard apartment buildings. In recent years, the choice is even wider – along with individual houses emerged cottage settlements. In varying degrees of completion are about 10 villages, the general plan is more than 5,000 households. In southern Russia, Rostov – the undisputed leader on the number of new low-rise buildings. Housing estates dispersed over a large area. Some of them are practically in the city, others – are separated by tens of kilometers, without losing its appeal to homeowners.

Almost everywhere, a little slowed the pace of construction, but Rostov cottage villages "Belovodye" and "Sunny" has already passed the first stage. "Belovodye" – a village near the business class section the West of Rostov. Here it is assumed independent infrastructure: kindergartens, medical facilities and schools. New construction offers a product unknown to us before – townhouse. 250 such households deposited in the village "Sunny" in Bataisk. Microdistrict Just 10 miles from the center of Rostov, endowed with its own infrastructure and to protect. House "Sun" built on the Canadian framework technology, very efficient and are sold at affordable prices. Not losing popularity and demand in the secondary market households.

Such homes have a distinct advantage: they are in the city, and some even in the middle. Prestigious areas of low-rise housing within Rostov considered the District, . Sales of homes under the real estate business is actively taking place on the main avenue, . It is obvious that with such a vast offering will be taken further measures to successful sale of homes in Rostov. The buyer can expect new and interesting proposals. Already, developers of cottage settlements offer a new service: the sale of the site in the village without a contract. You can, buying the land today, defer to a more stable time build a house. In the village offer a new project – "crisis" cottages. Spur buying power Rostovites and development of the mortgage. Lending in the sector private housing specifically. Here the loan is secured not only housing but also land. Earth must therefore be framed in the property to obtain a mortgage, or at least be in the long-term lease. Likely new credit products of banks, specifically aimed at the mortgage for the houses. Families with different prosperity can buy a property in Rostov.

The Event

In signing the treaty before rent an apartment, the landlord must provide upon request the employer the right to place the document on the flat and the passport owner. If the owner of passing apartment and found that it operated properly, then the sequence of his actions should be as follows: 1. verbal / written warning, then fines may be imposed; 2. call in the real estate agency, 3. announcement date of eviction; 4. appeal to the court.

In practice, of those who decided to rent an apartment, rarely goes to extremes. This is explained by the fact that passing the flat, almost none of the owners do not pay taxes. After removing the flat owner shall pay a tax of 13% of the rental amount. This amount may seem not so significant if we take into account the fact that in many western countries, tax rate reaches 50%. If you rent an apartment will tax evasion, and this fact will reveal, the owner is waiting for a considerable fine. Well as surrendering the apartment without paying taxes can be subjected to blackmail by both the employer and from neighbors and acquaintances.

To rent apartment without paying taxes is easy, but if I have any problems with the employer, the court does not everyone decides to go. Difficulties and have an employer who is clearing the apartment, she can not obtain registration. Pay taxes is not so difficult as it seems. Once a year submit a declaration to the tax. Filling it should indicate the source of income, the income and tax. In addition to rent an apartment that is legal can be considerably more expensive. Even before rent an apartment a good idea to insure it. Insurance allows you to rent an apartment to avoid losses at many risks. Insurance becomes especially relevant in cases where the owner lives far away, and when the damage neither involved nor that of any other party, neither the owner nor the tenant. For example, in the event of flooding, residents at the top. Municipal programs cover only the restoration of the apartment walls, but are not designed to compensate property. It is advisable to rent an apartment and to insure the civil liability of an employer and a separate property which is located in the apartment. Such insurance is especially true for luxury apartments. Typically, large real estate companies are able to offer a choice of several packages of insurance services.