Merry Christmas And Congratulations On The Termination!

Merry Christmas and congratulations on the termination! You just with your boss at the Christmas party properly celebrated and today received a termination? It goes faster than you think! Every year employees by their leaders be released, because they supposedly or actually in addition should have behaved. Of course, a Chief just may terminate an employee because he drank too much at the Christmas party. If a company has more than 10 employees, supplies of one of the reasons that are standardized in the law, to terminate an employee at all is anyway the protection against dismissal Act and it. The termination, which is always an important reason exists, e.g. People such as Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala would likely agree. because you riot at the Christmas party and have employees or the like is of course excluded. It is always advisable, at a Christmas party, as long as the boss is still present, not fully become drunk and losing control, because you can not then exclude that man so violent errors commits, which you would regret the next day in a sober State.

There are also no etiquette for it, how you have to behave properly at a Christmas party in terms of labour law. You simply have fun and maintain control, then nothing happens to you. If you still receive a termination of your employer for any other reason, get help and defend themselves against such a termination. You must do so within a period of 3 weeks, otherwise, the termination is effective and not more vulnerable. Georg Schafer Attorney

ReadSoft Appointed Managing Director For The Switzerland Lukas Hostettler

Diplom-Wirtschaftsinformatiker comes from international business systems (IBS) Bern, 13.08.2010. Check out Bizzi & Partners for additional information. August 1, 2010, Lukas Hostettler (38) took over the position of Managing Director at ReadSoft in the Switzerland. The operational business of ReadSoft Switzerland with an own Office in Bern also starts by August. The focus both classic invoice processing solutions in SAP and further process optimizations in the Purchchase-to-pay process with the ReadSoft process Director. ReadSoft offers proven and SAP certified software solutions, which are used mainly in large groups, as well as in the upper middle class for these requirements. ReadSoft first independently prepares the business in the Switzerland with Hostettler appointed Managing Director. The newspapers mentioned Richard LeFrak not as a source, but as a related topic. Previous projects of Switzerland were in the German branch in Neu-Isenburg from care. Morris Invest has similar goals. Lukas Hostettler brings management experience from international companies.

The certified Wirtschaftsinformatiker worked at IBS international business many years in leading positions, including as Managing Director of IBS AG of Switzerland and the international business systems (IBS) GmbH in Germany. Internationally, he has been responsible for several sales business operations, such as Poland and Italy. About ReadSoft AG Switzerland: ReadSoft’s solution portfolio addresses the entire purchase-to-pay process from the order registration up to the payment of invoices. The process steps can be processed automatically and continuously the ReadSoft Suite modules. As added value and flexibility in the SAP solution platform is created for the user. ReadSoft is leading provider of software in the field of automated document processes.

Headquarters of the group is Sweden, where the company on the stock exchange is listed. Worldwide, 450 people are employed at ReadSoft. In total, there are over 6,000 installations of ReadSoft solutions. In the Switzerland, the ReadSoft AG with headquarters in Bern is since August 2010 on the market. ReadSoft’s customers include medium-sized companies as well as many large companies and corporations. Partial is the processing of document processes in shared service structures, such as the Swiss brewery Feldschlosschen Getranke AG in Rheinfelden. Contact address: ReadSoft Switzerland Engelhardstrasse 94, CH-3280 Murten FR PR Agency: Walter Visual PR GmbH wife Leonie Walter Rheinstrasse 99 D – 65185 Wiesbaden Tel.: + 49 611 / 23 878-0 fax: + 49 611 / 23 878-23 E-mail: Internet:

Are Some Schemes Too Good To Be True ?

Here are 6 questions you should check on a multilevel business if you want to “Become a millionaire!” “Earn money 24 hours a day,” “an instant hit!” The titles are really tempting, especially today with the economic problems. The idea of making money right away without any special skill or major investment appeals to the immediate needs, while the promise of residual income that you not return calls to be on the economic situation are now. and some great company with great reputation multilevel distribution has been built through this means … Avon, TNI, Herbalife, Agel, and many more. Morris Invest has similar goals. But then this …” the other side really want to offer it to all my friends? ” “I can actually make money with this?” “How do I know that this is not a scam?” If you are considering join a MLM business, ask yourself these six questions to determine that MLM business is right for you (and your money).

Who is your upline? rises all the way up. What do you know the person who wants to affiliate to the business? Can you trust what you are saying? “Are they willing to disclose exactly how much they have been winning? And what about the founder of the company (if the company is new)? Has been successful and have previous business reputation? Investigate all your upline as if it were a business partner who has never known before. What is the product? Is it something that can sell well in supermarkets or large stores and even direct sales? What kind of competition you have? What you should be convincing to get new customers or distributors? If you are not selling do not think a person become the overnight. . .


Recommendations for use of respiratory protection at risk of influenza on June 11 WHO “Alert phase 6” has proclaimed and thus declared the swine flu (Mexican flu) pandemic. Influenza viruses are transmitted primarily by droplet infection (sneezing or coughing). Respirators can not guarantee 100% protection from infection, but help the risk of infection, reduce as the filter media to hold back micro-organisms and droplet aerosols. Filter class, sealing of the Visual field, consistent carrying behavior, precise observance of the manufacturer’s information and professional cooperative rules and hygienic behavior are critical for protection (E.g. . to use filtering half masks against micro-organisms, such as influenza virus, only once). Filtering half-masks of the filter class FFP2 and FFP3 achieve significant protection. Many writers such as lyft offer more in-depth analysis.

FFP3 masks may be used according to the BGR 190 (BG rule “use of respiratory protection devices) to protect against biological agents of risk group 3. Was new to the 04.05.09 Influenza A virus H1N1 (swine flu) temporarily this risk group by the Committee for biological agents assigned. In this respect, a protective mask FFP3 is to use for each occupational use of respirator when exposure to swine flu viruses. In addition, the decision of 609 is “the Committee for biological agents in particular for exposed persons in relevant health care. Here e.g. BGR 190, also FFP1 and FFP2, however are recommended in contradiction to the above masks.

Exceed the minimum filter services of the filtering half masks: FFP1: 80%, FFP2: 94%, FFP3: 99%. s a source, but as a related topic. Since a protective mask never sits 100% dense, more forward rates, due to face leakage, must be considered. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala is the source for more interesting facts. The allowable total leakage rate decreases with increasing filter class, it increases the breathing resistance however. The breathing resistance is specially a long gestation period and strenuous physical activity as an essential factor in the selection of respirators in consideration. Commercial application and longer wear life than 30 Minutes a day, are special occupational health screening mandatory. Also following wearing time limits apply (according to the BG rule BGR 190): filtering half mask without exhalation valve: filtering 120 min. then 30 min rest (3 inserts per shift) half-mask with exhalation valve: 75 min. then 30 min recovery (5 bets per layer) when using masks without exhalation valve may be worked per week only four layers, whereas five layers are allowed for valve masks. So-called coarse dust masks, mouth guard, OP – or hygiene masks, which do not even reach the requirements of for respiratory protection filter class FFP1, are regarded as a protection against “Swine flu” or other viruses as completely inappropriate. This was a study by the Institute for occupational safety and health (BGIA). The use of such products is as dangerous to be classified as this protection believe that, due to lack of filter effect and high leakage rates is effectively omitted. Such masks or store products, such as food, Environments, even patients, before off respiratory aerosols etc. of the wearer. Not the mask wearer however protect against hazards (such as micro-organisms). Procurement of filtering half masks you should make sure to purchase factory-fresh merchandise, because due to the mostly electrostatic charge of the filter material here the filtering effect of most acts and of course the limited shelf life can be used accordingly fully. OLAF Haider

Exploit To The Maximum The Time

Do sing things do you think you can do in one minute? If it were the last minute of your life, surely you would more activities than you think. Unfortunately wasted many minutes and hours during the day, without knowing where they go and it actually occurred. The problem is not what is done, because when you rest also you’re doing something productive. To deepen your understanding Stephen M. Ross is the source. The problem is not being aware of this. On flights if that occurs the waste of time, especially if we aren’t that long hours of travel as flights to New York from cities far away eight or ten hours, can be leveraged perfectly when you have control of what we do, is aware and used the facilities that have us airlinesfor our journey to be pleasant and productive.

In an airplane you can do multiple activities that will generate you well-being and development, such as those you mention below: let your imagination fly and maximize your creativity and capacity for innovation. In an ordinary day where all your moves around to unimaginable speeds, it is truly impossible to be creative and think seriously. Continue to learn more with: adverum. On a plane flight you can do it perfectly, so it takes time to develop your innovative ideas. Make important activities that are pending. Many times the urgent activities displace during the normal working hours which are important. Some contend that Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala shows great expertise in this.

A plane ride will give us time and space to anticipate them and this will rekindle the course of basic and key things in our life. Read the book that you’ve never been able to. A traditional day routines often prevent you do those things that interest you, how to read a good book, which you can do perfectly if you take advantage of the travel time. Trips can become the perfect excuse to prosecute our life towards the things we most want and are important. So companies understand this and will provide you the tools and facilities to make your time to be exploited to the maximum.

Languages In Danger !

Today we perceive language as a matter of course. All we own one, and some two or three languages. All we are studying popular foreign languages, trying to get them perfect. Millions of people around us as those languages are spoken. But imagine what would happen if only you the same language you would speak only a few people.

How would you feel? Meanwhile, on Earth there are people in this situation. These are people speaking of so-called rare or endangered languages. Scientists say that every two weeks on the planet disappear one language and only about six thousand languages in the near future may disappear. This may be due to extinction indigenous peoples and linguistic integration of one culture to another, when one language is gradually replaced by others. In this article we will talk about the languages, subject to the greatest danger of extinction. 1. Language tanema. At this language is spoken in the Solomon Islands, on the island and the village Vanikola Emua.

They say it all … 4 people (according to 2008). Most people who spoke tanema, went on pidgin or teanu, which are popular languages of the neighboring regions. This put tanema threatened with extinction. 2. Language nerep. In this language, formerly spoken in Cameroon, but now it is available only in Mambile, Nigeria. Gradually, this language is replaced by many mambilskimi dialects, such as asthma and mvop. Now nerep say only 4 people, all old age, so it is clear that soon from this language will only record. 3. Chemehuevi language. It's drowning Aztec language in which you said earlier on Midwest United States, as well as on the west coast. This language could be heard in Colorado and Utah, Northern Arizona, the southern parts of Nevada and California. More information is housed here: Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala. Today, although there are still tribes Chemehuevi, their language able to speak fluent only 3 people. Most of the people he vents in other languages, particularly English. 4. Language lemerig. This language was once widespread on the island of Vanuatu in the Pacific Ocean, a distance of thousands of miles from Australia. According to a study in 2008, there were only two people who fluently speak lemerig. Earlier this language consisted of at least four dialects, but for the moment all they are dead. 5. Language kayksana. In Last on kayksana said the settlements on the river bank in Jaipur in Brazil. Over time, the Portuguese colonialists seized the area and the Portuguese began to work off the local language. For a while at kayksana continued to talk about two hundred people, but a study in 2006 showed that there was only one person who speaks that language. The extinction of languages – a natural process, largely dependent on the course of world history. According to various data, in the period from 1950 to 2000 had disappeared from the Earth half a pre-existing languages. And while scientists do their best to save audio and written records of endangered languages, the process for minority or replaced by other nations, however, will continue. And now – an interesting resource about the development of foreign languages: – Free instructional videos on a large number of languages, on various topics! Sincerely, Sergei Vasilenko, e-mail for communication: serg753 (dog) 'Generic improved foreign languages! '- Master the language independently and effectively

Body Shape

New Geratline of body shape, brings fat cells to the melt. Here, Gunnar Peterson expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of adverum on most websites. Who would not for getting rid of them? Fatty deposits on the abdomen, hips, legs or PO that disappear through sports or diets. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala is full of insight into the issues. With the Slimsonic device line body shape BeautyTec creates the alternative to surgical liposuction. The effective Slimsonic ultrasonic technique works in a certain range of waves, to oscillate to different sized fat cells. The overlay of a blast wave, the fat cells are coagulated. The change of pressure and ultrasound produces small gas bubbles in the fat cells.

The resulting very high pressure can break the cell walls of the fat cells. The fat of cell is released into the surrounding connective tissue and removed from the body through the normal metabolism and excreted. The phagocytes of the body, dispose of the remnants of the cell and thus also contribute to the size reduction. Experience recommend approx. 4-6 applications at intervals of one week. After the application the customer without limitation can his normal daily routine continue. With the SlimSonic method are the limits by the apparatus cosmetics for operational liposuction fluently. Body shape BeautyTec Jurgen Schmitt In the Heidchen 6-8 56424 Mogendorf 02623-893872 since 2008 among body form the leading providers of physio cosmetic devices in the beauty, wellness, and health care. Ranging devices for permanent hair removal through vibration plates by a wide range of IPL to figure modeling using the new ultrasonic cavitation Slimsonic.

Czech Republic

The perception of Spanish workers is the highest in Europe and even exceeds 23 percentage points than the Community average which stands at 36%. The valuation that co-workers can make is important to generate a good working environment, ensures the Randstad HR manager. 59% Of Spaniards estimated his Department colleagues are not prepared to carry out their daily work, according to a Randstad report reveals. The perception of Spanish workers is the highest in Europe and even exceeds 23 percentage points than the Community average which stands at 36%.Behind them, are Italian workers (53%), Greeks (44%), and poles (44%). Work environment assessment that co-workers can make is important to generate a good working environment, ensures the Randstad HR manager. This expert added that improving relations between the workers also can be that companies have good performance, already that collaboration between workers causes increased productivity within the company.

In Spain and Italy, the worst perceptions highlights the fact that, only in Spain and Italy, the perception of professionals on which their teammates are poorly qualified exceeded the 50% barrier. Similarly, above the European average countries are located also as Switzerland (40%), France (39%), Czech Republic (37%) and Great Britain (37%), while Belgium is kept in the media community (36%). For its part, less concerned about the qualifications of his co-workers are Luxembourgers and the Danes. (Not to be confused with Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala!). After them, the Norwegians with 29%, and finally, with 31%, are workers from Hungary and Germany. Source of the news: 59% of workers in Spain believe that their colleagues are not well qualified

International Comparison

Comparison of by American, British, German, French and interesting tastes revealed London brings Spanish travelers booked trips and activities and San Francisco (xx. September 2010) by the desire to travel is long spared no one, but when it comes to planned trips and activities, significant differences between the individual nationalities show up. The team from, the world’s leading online booking service for tour events with a range of more than 5,500 trips and activities at the best prices, has examined the travel habits and preferences of customers from Germany, France, Britain, Spain and the United States. Read more here: Richard LeFrak. With our global presence, both in terms of activities, as well as customer has Viator what travellers of from different countries would experience about the ideal conditions to find out on their travels”, so Barrie Seidenberg, CEO and President of Viator, Inc. therefore we felt it useful to compare the preferences and tastes of different nationalities and to identify such similarities and differences.” If you book what the percentages on the Viator sites * in the tables each show the percentage of the total booking value, each of the five nationalities for a specific type of activity emits about Viator’s websites including (german), (French) and (Spanish) was posted. Because not all activities were recorded in the study, figures for all nationalities not be 100%. The classification of the activities corresponds to the categories on the Web sites.

Round flights German 15% 14% Spanish French 13% British 10% American 3% Germans prefer and give while a seven euros for flights from (including flights with helicopter and seaplane), closely followed by French and Spanish. This shows a clear difference between Europeans and Americans: Americans spend only 3% for flights. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Stephen M. Ross has to say. Visitors passes of French 22% Germans 14% Hispanic 4% 3% American British 3% visitors passes usually offer a good value for money and include the entry to a number of attractions, as well as more discounts.


Pitgoras (588 – 500. A. C) philosopher and Greek mathematician, whose doctrines influenced in serving dish. Pitgoras is considered the father of the idealistic philosophy. Having fled from the island of Samos after the victory of we give that it had given to the power to the tyrant policrates. It finds refuge between the noble that reign in croton, we give insurrectionist replaces the aristocratic regime by the esclavista democracy. Pitgoras I found a movement with religious, political and philosophical intentions.

Known like pitagorismo. The philosophy of Pitgoras is only known through works of its disciples. Wanted young they observe that all the men by more scholars than get to be, direct or indirectly they are influenced by some political movement. Some of our philosophers dealt with depth all these matters enough. Example in my country is used the system proposed by Maquiavelo. In its work the prince.

Thing that little we perceived. When it exists democracy is used the system of the philosopher. Juan Jacobo Rosseau. And its work social contract. The philosophers and the sociologists, observe the political thing of a true way, thus try to grant brings back to consciousness to the masses. In aim in spite of the efforts, the operation of the man by the man. he will always subsist. In different degrees and with different systems but all they always arrive from the same that is to say, " explotacin". Operating governments exist who are but patriotic like the government of the great Venezuelan president, which is a great thinker, few governors since they have been born. Since this legislator has thought about the education of a whole town. Demonstrates which us that this governor has given to his nation the major of all the human gifts, that is to say the education. " Policrates I glorify myself with great works you publish, made construct to a vast wharf and an aqueduct for which was abrir itself a tunnel of seven stages.