Rent Increase:

Who rents an apartment, must accept rule over the years of rent increases. “inhabitat members take advantage of falling rents that usually also applies to members of a housing association, who rent an apartment from their inventory”, Olaf Haubold said as Chairman of the Board of the EC brs0725. This is different for buyers of condominiums to the self-interest that make repayments in addition to current financing costs. This results in that the users have always lower charges and later once rent-free”can live. A similar concept has implemented inhabitat as housing association for their members, because she can benefit from the same effect the tenants of their cooperative apartments.

Our model of acquiring condo similar rights when buying an apartment is unique in Germany, applies only to the members of our cooperative”Hakobyan explains. Thus, brs0725 separates the actual rents from rising rent levels and requires only the actual costs. So be the rents for similar apartments in the brand new in Erfurt this year according to the IVD price mirror Thuringia 6.50 / m NET. Inhabitat approach, the license fee for the first occupation is set after this rent prices with a discount of 10%. This fee is set then usually written 10 years over the term of the financing interest rate. In the same period, the rent prices will move upwards so that the originally agreed difference of ten percent developed annually for the benefit for the tenants. After the interest rate and the repayment is to be expected that the annuity of the prolonged loan will be lower.

This advantage also gives EC the brs0725 to their members and will lower the fee accordingly. OLAF Haubold: After full repayment only the administrative costs and the maintenance position back layers to finance by the members in the context of the usage charges (comparable with the rent). This situation is then similar to an entschuldeten House or a condo.” There is currently no comparable housing association or local housing company which can boast of such a concept in Germany. Hale ended his speeches with a slide with this concept are many people feel”a statement that can man only underline. The brs0725 Association for real estate ownership e.G. is a cooperative of “new type” with the objectives of: promoting their members, to provide safe, modern and affordable housing to their members, to gain similar rights at your apartment the members, to pay interest on the invested capital of the cooperative articles of Association, to develop interesting offers for investors on the cooperative, through a high equity ratio as low as possible to keep the debt. In the residential real estate, the brs0725’s core competence is cooperative for real estate ownership Inc. headquartered in Erfurt. In addition to the creation of an attractive, modern Housing at affordable prices, best investment opportunities offers the inhabitat interested investors, partially state-very well promoted.

The IMMO TIP Mediation Of Real Estate

Real estate Magazine September 2007: Our town’s population grows, and the German upswing is felt. It becomes increasingly difficult to find a good location for a new project. Dresden – an attractive location for trade in Dresden, which together with the metropolitan areas of Leipzig/Halle and Chemnitz/Zwickau, forms the so called Saxon triangle, is the political and cultural center in the State of Bavaria. The city is also seat of the Government Presidium, as well as many universities and scientific institutions. First, last year in the number of inhabitants exceeded the “magic line” of 500 000. After German reunification, only 476 000 people still had their residence in Florence on the Elbe. Its all-time high reached Dresden at the end of the Weimar Republic (1933) with a population of about 650 000.

In an international comparison, the commune of 26 hotels in the top luxury class has a very high density in this category. Together with the exhibition in the Ostragehege and the new Congress Centre on the river Elbe, the city as a venue, M.i.c.e. profiled and venue. As a tourist destination, home to the Church of our Lady and the Grunes Gewolbe is already world famous. Currently, the accommodation capacity of about 150 hotels and guesthouses with about 15 000 beds is consistently expanded by new hostels. in 2006, six million guests visited the Saxon capital, of which 1.1 million two days or more in Dresden remained. The City currently even in the European top box ranks with these values. The dynamic development – commercial spaces such as the sand of the sea? Naturally the domestic retail sector benefited from this appeal.

The greatest concentration of stores and industrial areas on the “green-field” are not always completely built up. Old, industrial site “decorate” to some region. But attractive, appropriate to the needs of the company objects, which seeks to present some in vain. On the commercial real estate market, you can feel the effects of the incipient economic recovery in Germany – good stock, already Logistics, production and service areas are in short supply. The choice of the right commercial property but is a crucial factor for the success of the company. Purchase or rental prices are important investment and consequential costs, too. (Future) international transport and regional development opportunities its proximity to customers or partners win more and more importance. Who to buy or sell ever faced as business of mission is to rent an object, it will know, definitely not are transparently the real estate market as open or even. It takes a long time to find expertise, effort and contacts, the correct object or the best buyer or user.

Online Travel Guide

The English language Cyprus Portal – which takes the top Cyprus News German ZypernportalNeben the visitors now also another online travel guide. Under the heading of land & people topics such as history, religion, economics, fauna, flora and highlights Cyprus can be found”. Here, the visitor can get a quick overview of rewarding excursion destinations. At the sites, the most interesting tourist destinations are outlined and accompanied with beautiful images. Sport and leisure offers everything that is available on Cyprus from skiing to diving excursions. See more”visitors will find really unique and quirky details, E.g.

that Cyprus was the first, ruled by a Christian State or that the first figure by drunks on a Cypriot mosaics can be seen. There is also a great real estate market with some 500 objects, partly also in English language. When it comes to the Cypriot National cheese, Halloumi, cheese friend can find many interesting recipes or a Recipe competition to participate. Who looking for business contacts or want to start a company, the lawyer and expert on Cyprus Robert Scheurich advised by the operators of, well and receives current information first-hand. A look at worth anyway “so Cyprus expert Robert Scheurich. Insider information, interesting destinations far from mass tourism, maps, and the new online travel guide. The offer is really wide – I think because something was supposed to be for everyone.

Endfalligen Loan

The Calculation can contain other factors depending on the lending institution. The above example should serve only as an aid. Usually each credit institution is other life packages, these are often also depends on the living standard of the respective applicant and be set so often as a percentage fee of the net. Should the monthly repayment rate be higher, as the calculated capital service boundary so the desired loan for you is not portable, also the credit institution will then reject the loan application most likely. After the fundamental defining factors are set the loan application can be submitted. A proof of content as well as collateral payable by the borrower is necessary for this rule. Depending on the amount of the credit, a real estate or a security transfer of ownership of the object to be financed are suitable for the securing of loans.

The car even as security is often accepted, for example, when the car loan. Typically, the banks demand In addition, the conclusion of a payment protection insurance. The residual debt insurance accepts the outstanding claims of the Bank in the event of sudden unemployment, illness or death of the borrower. The monthly contributions for this insurance are calculated directly on the repayment, so that when the borrower only an amount is debited consisting of the actual repayment, as well as the contribution for the payment protection insurance. After all necessary information is available the Bank the request will be examined by a consultant, then the applicant receives the information, whether the credit or not approved. Successful application the credit sum can be paid out immediately on the account of the borrower or in special cases, as mentioned above, also the Bank takes over the payment of the items to be financed. The repayment of the loan is dependent on the loan contract, fundamental distinction is between: Endfalligen loans: the entire loan will be at the end of the term in an amount paid back, including the accrued interest over the term.

Federal Ministry

The Munchner Merkur and which showed shortly afterwards Suddeutsche Zeitung interest and published reports to EX PLI. The response to the media reports has more than exceeded our expectations. “We are happy that the EX PLI inspired idea right off the bat so many users”, the team forward. Due to this was on the PR successes, which generated public, on the one hand and on the other hand on the new concept and the intuitive user guidance. But not only that users who may want to win an iPod touch, until 11/30 / across the EX PLI can participate in a raffle. User, which like our idea, thus have the possibility to recommend EX PLI to friends. And they qualify for the draw of the iPod, a fine thing so “, says Christian Bucherl. The founding project EX PLI is supported by the exist founder scholarship of the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology (BMWi), co-financed from the European Social Fund and through the entrepreneurship centre of the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat Munich.

Press contact: Stefanie mouth EX ATTARD GmbH c/o LMU EC is Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1 80539 Munich of 089 – 2180 6978 0178-254 1981 EX PLI a social media creation platform, which was launched by six founders from Munich in the life. On the portal can multimedia tutorials on topics of all kinds read interested user, set himself and comment. Since February 2008, EX PLI has moved into premises at the LMU entrepreneurship Center in Munich. There, the team is supported by the deployment of Office infrastructure. It is also involved in the exist network. Since August 2008, which is EX PLI Web site online. Blog further information see also the EX PLI blog under /.

Without Fleiss No Price

Or, As honestly, still the longest lasted! Many of us know it yet the old sayings such as: “without hard work no price” or “Honestly lasts the longest”, which we received at that time by parents and school as a guide on the path of life. The sayings suggest that only hardworking and honest success will have or vice versa, that lazy and dishonest, there are in life not to get far. In our society, in which nothing seems to be so steadily, as the change in value, these “nuggets of wisdom” appear almost already anachronistic. In politics, the economy and also in private we have adopted us but partly by these values. And it is easy for arguments to find, but make it “the upstairs” before, how if at all possible do not should behave in our society.

As in politics, lying that the beams bend, in the economy, deceived and ripped off, where it always goes and also in the private sector it is not exactly taken often with the truth. The company has ailing and often already unstable in the approach. Only a few institutions open dare to stand against this “trend”. uss. Sometimes there are churches or other social associations and institutions which “argue”, and to critically report to Word. But what use all these appeals, if ultimately lacks the consequences for those, which blur the boundaries between “Good” and “Evil” and the Maxime raise their self-made values their thinking and action. The partial withdrawal of the regulatory state of the interfaces with the private sector is certainly good and right – only he may not fully understand himself. State regulation is then attached to the uncompromising enforcement of the law authorities will, be where transgress norms and morals and decency injured endeavour. It should be to preserve this order goods no sufficient legal basis more give, it is important to create these promptly and strongly new.

Stuffed Cucumber Recipe

Very good day greetings to all, he was looking for a good recipe and after finding it I wanted to share with you, is why today I bring you this delicious and easy recipe for cucumbers recipe fills and Creole sauce an excellent choice to learn how to cook easy recipes and enjoy with the whole family. This recipe is for 8 persons. Recipe for cucumbers stuffed ingredients for the recipe for cucumbers stuffed (for 6 servings): 6 cucumbers filling 4 potatoes capiras pound of beef for grinding (table) 1 hard boiled egg 3 ripe tomatoes 2 onions of egg white 3 colinos onion of branch 1 bunch Cilantro 1 tablespoon of butter or oil salt, pepper and color to the preparation of the recipe for cucumbers taste fillings: Wash, Zakhar, despepar, and cooking the cucumbers. Wash, Cook, Peel and mash the potatoes. Split, grinding and cooking the meat. Peel and crush the eggs. Wash, chop finely and make a stew with remaining ingredients; mix everything, fill the cucumbers and bathing with salsa criolla type.

Recipe for Creole sauce ingredients for the recipe of Creole sauce (6 servings): 4 ripe tomatoes 4 onion Colinos of branch 1 of egg white onion 1 sprig of coriander 4 tablespoons of tomato paste 2 tablespoons of cream of milk salt and pepper to taste 1 chicken or rib broth * optional Creole sauce recipe preparation: wash, Peel and chop the tomatoes and onionsmake a stew, add the other ingredients and let season. If you want thicker can add you a little starch from maize or wheat flour. Cucumbers recipes stuffed and Creole sauce are some of my favorites, I invite you to visit my recipes and delicious recipes easy to enjoy as sauces for meat recipe recipe for barbecue sauce. Original author and source of the article

Manuela Kiechle Insurance

This leads to additional demands on the part of the health insurance fund, as soon as the first tax assessment. “Because the income” from the severance pay will not be charged with any losses from the self-employed activity. Private health insurance offers predictable contributions who is already privately insured, for severance pay are irrelevant – because the contribution to the private insurance is based solely on age, State of health and selected fare. “Can benefit from this predictable calculation of the contribution also, who will receive a severance package and would like to independently become after his employment relationship: taking the independence each in the private health insurance can change”, says Manuela Kiechle. The contribution focuses only on the age, health and the required health insurance coverage. A severance payment or the amount of income are irrelevant here.” Is man already independently and voluntarily legally insured, it may terminate its legal insurance protection with a period of two months to the end of the month. Private health insurance that provides a predictable monthly fee regardless of income or income entrepreneurs and self-employed – no one must reckon with additional demands there. So, it is not necessary to submit the Finanzamt to calculate the contributions each year in private health insurance as opposed to the legal.

More information and an example on the Internet page. Published by the Versicherungskammer Bayern Maximilianstrasse 53 80537 Munich the Versicherungskammer Bayern’s group is the largest public insurers nationwide and is placed among the top ten of insurers. in 2007 reached 5.66 billion euros premiums the insurer of all divisions and about 6,500 employees. Every working day, the company pays its customers approximately EUR 17 million in insurance benefits. Each More than 2.8 million insurance and performance cases are processed a year, about 1,500 per work hour. With its regional operating companies, companies in Bavaria, the Palatinate, the Saarland, as well as in Berlin and Brandenburg operates; in the health insurance business along with the other public insurers nationwide.

Cook With Different Mushrooms

While it is discussed very well known mushrooms in mushroom Forum, can be differentiated here more. While it is discussed very well known mushrooms in mushroom Forum, can be differentiated here more. So even the layman know that in addition to the Knollenblatterpilzen, which belongs to the most toxic mushrooms, increasingly be read about especially tasty mushrooms. As written also on the various forms of preparation in addition to differences of whole mushrooms. Now the giant mushrooms can also be found on different weekly markets for stuffed mushrooms. Before eating the mushrooms, this should be peeled even among the few edible mushrooms. Since this is a matter of practice, a mushroom Forum given the tips which facilitate the work.

So, for example the tip is given in a mushroom Forum, to cut the hat crossed that the skin can be removed more easily. Through a mushroom Forum, but also much about mushrooms can be experienced as well as the various cooking tips. So the interested parties about the growth of fungi is also the place of fungi, where they thrive best. Where the edible mushrooms grow there but also various poisonous mushrooms which have a very different latency. A mushroom Forum can be replaced is also about the experiences of these fungi, which introduce the external differences. Who is not very sure which mushrooms he has collected, but also various books to peruse should take whatever here next to a mushroom forum which exactly describes the whole mushrooms.

So the mushroom Forum is supported, if the experiences which are transmitted with mushrooms in a mushroom forum not listed above. So is advised here only to collect mushrooms, if you are familiar with the various mushrooms, avoiding a possible fungus poisoning out of the way. Who does not make it, should be used only with an experienced mushroom collectors. So you can be met in a mushroom Forum in the vicinity, to go together on the prowl.

James Hunter: The Briton

\”In may five further concerts in Berlin, Frankfurt, Rottweil, Cologne & Munich Grammy nominated, noble fans as Van Morrison (one of the best voices\”), the Briton was James Hunter shows together with Aretha Franklin, cheering critics in almost all krediblen music magazines and newspapers the longest time the best kept secret \”of the music business. With his latest album \”he can connect seamlessly the hard way to the predecessor with songs, sounds and feeling of the soul era of the 1960s and with a voice that might be currently probably unrivalled in the border passage between soul, rock and blues. The Renewer of the soul & Blues goes after extensive America and England tours and two acclaimed Germany showcases in October 2008 in May 2009 again on tour in Germany. The stations are: Berlin, Frankfurt, Rottweil, Cologne and Munich. Hardly a white sounded so black as the Colchester-born singer and songwriter. But other than some other vocal colossus James Hunter relies not only on the He polishes mere effect of his huge vibrating vocal cords on his songs until they sound coherent in itself.

As long as they are in fact competitive with classics and evergreens of the legendary hit forges Motown and Stax. One would assume, an impossible task. But this bravura in highly elegant manner succeeds James Hunter. I ended up an over night success, which has lasted for 20 years\”, says therefore the angular type on the wave of success that\”go kicked his third, released on 2006 album people gonna talk. By Liam Watson (The White Stripes) produced CD was nominated for a Grammy Award in the category best traditional Blues Album \”for; \”the British music Bible Mojo\”listed the work among the top ten of the best album in 2006\”and also the Rolling Stone raved in the highest tones: incredibly great, a pleasure not to be missed.\” More and more music fans respond to this invitation.