April Immoselect

Office real estate of the AXA Immoselect AXA investment manager team has announced recently that the Office building of the AXA Immoselect, and the object of Hattersheim at Frankfurt am Main, is been sold. The achieved purchase price of the object is at approx. EUR 11,42 million and approximately 42.6% of independent experts under the last in August of the year of 2012 the market value. It was reported that in the course of the sale process, the object was offered 70 potential investors. After the releases of the AXA investment manager team, however, was the object for many potential investors out of the question. These circumstances are established with a vacancy by 15%, and only have an average for a period of three years safe income from existing leases what presented itself for the potential investors as unattractive.

It was also communicated that before selling the Fund management in vain has sought the conversation for the purpose of early lease extensions with the tenants of the object. But to the tenants were above Lease expiration is not ready. see You also: AXA_Immoselect.html the rescue of open-ended real estate fund AXA Immoselect had failed in the past. The AXA investment manager Germany GmbH has announced the 19.10.2011, that the AXA Immoselect is liquidated. It follows the conclusion that until the 20.10.2014 the objects of the Fund to sell AXA Immoselect and successively every six months to the investors of the Fund AXA Immoselect to sweep the revenues are, insofar no other primary obligations to use are. It is not foreseeable what amounts to individual investors of the Fund AXA Immoselect as a result be swept out. The investors of the Fund AXA Immoselect EUR 1.85 per share received a distribution i.H.v on the 27.07.2012.

It was not however the refund due to the dissolution of the Fund, but that regular annual substance distribution. After initially, the decision was taken, the Fund to resolve AXA Immoselect and resulting revenues to investors of the Fund AXA Immoselect be paid in half-yearly instalments, the AXA investment manager Germany GmbH had informed several months ago that the first payment date falls out in April 2012. Author and contact person: Ralf Renner – a trained banker and lawyer – lawyer Tel.: 030 / 810 030-22 are the specialty of lawyer Ralf Renner legal issues of closed-end Fund, where he has many years of experience. In these contexts, investors in a lawyer approach, if you want to check what rights and claims exist. Blanket statements prohibit themselves? In any case, an individual assessment is offered. Damages can claims against an investment advisor or a Bank, if was not sufficiently enlightened on essential aspects. An experienced lawyer can determine whether claims for damages are and how high are the chances for a successful implementation.

Professional Nurses

Based in the joined results it verified that the use of standardization of asepsis of the hands, the training of the professionals of nursing that manipulates these catheters daily, and the existence of rigorous protocols of cares, reduces the infections, and, therefore it diminishes mortality, the hospital prolongation of the internment, expenses and increases the availability of stream beds. Then the measures that they aim at to diminish the risks of infection associated with the therapeutical one for saw venosa must take in account the security of the patient and the relation cost-benefit. The continued education and the formation of specialized teams seem to be a rational way of prevention of these infections. The elaboration of protocols for the prevention and the control of these infections, must be part of the routine of the CTI.

Stanford San Francisco

Dr. Ferdije Ali Etemi thanked, 10 years after the war, collaboration with IPF and Caritas, on the basis of which over 20 kindergartens and the training of educators at the University of Prishtina. Beatrice Rutishauser tells of the emergency developed with IPF and peace education in the Balkans. The innovative project has received 3-year unconditional accreditation by the Kosovo Accreditation Council in the summer. Professor Dr. Ulrike Hohmann told Plymouth by the British University of the State of lifelong learning”and master can take students, the where parallel job and education. The project has gained educational innovation award 2010 of the Federal Institute for vocational education and training in Germany this year. Anja Puhlmann, Director of the Moreno Institute told of a new master project in the field of applied psychology.

Finally, Professor Dott sent written greetings from America. Dr. Dr. Dr. Roland Benedikter by the two world’s top rated California universities Stanford San Francisco and UCLA in Los Angeles, United States the with IPF in the development of a pilot doctoral project conducts research and publishes. Prof. Dr.

Dr. Gerald Huther, neurobiologist was then at the universities of Gottingen, Heidelberg and Mannheim of last guest speaker Prof. Dr. Dr. Gerald Huther, neurobiologist at the universities of Gottingen and Mannheim as well as Scientific Advisory Board of com-UNIC and sense Foundation Chairman. Children affected among other things by its project for ADHD known in the population at large in the mountains with the aim to restrict the drug delivery to these children. Prof. Dr. Huther demanded the end of resources-terms of use-Gesellschaft”in favour of a development so that people are mutually reinforcing. A culture that never gave it. About the invite, encourage, and inspire children become self-erfindende learning”the children promoted a big target in raising children. The charismatic speaker, called on those present to build small islands, where people once again invited to develop their potential. The secret of the success of this Developments lie, as Prof. Dr. Huther, compulsory in the community. These tendencies would be dynamically supported by both companies and so he moved the loop: we celebrate a 10th anniversary and at the same time a beginning! Dated cheers, a fusion of the IPF Multiversity with the com-UNIC group takes place at the same time, because both companies complement each other in their objectives perfectly.

Successful Job Search Job Boards On The Internet

A good career is it, when you can still laugh and be merry Dresden, 10.01.2011 – looking jobs today first on the Internet. Online stock market is booming, and even the application is sent only by mail or placed on the corporate website in a finished form. Experts recommend the job search 1 x per week. It applies but not indiscriminately on all available vacancies, but with heart and mind. Now appear far more job advertisements on the Internet, with online job boards and on the company’s sites as in print media.

Online job boards are the most popular. These are used intensively by almost of the employer. In many job boards, you can specify its profile. You should be doing but very precise. This increases the hit ratio. If a job comes in, which fits to the own profile, get a message by E-Mail.

Selection of popular online job boards: jobboerse edge city – for over 40 years in Germany active. Around 450,000 employees are daily in about 50 countries. Randstad is one of the largest recruitment agency around the world. Graduates – the job board and career Planner for graduates, trainees and interns Absolventa – for all students, graduates and Young Professionals. The largest job market for young graduates (over 900 companies). academics – vacancies for graduates and university graduates. According to disciplines associated jobs and internship opportunities. Support for theses. JOBSUMA – Jobsuchmaschine that finds jobs and jobs for students, graduates and Young Professionals. Only Jobsuchmaschine specially for students and young professionals JOBSUMA identified as internships, part-time jobs, student jobs, trainee positions and other entry level jobs specifically. All jobs updated daily! jobvector – career platform for scientists with a degree and technician for biotech, pharmaceutical, chemical and medical research. jobware – specialists and executives are sought by companies who advertise on own behalf. Around 50% of the offers coming out of ‘Professionals’ and IT. ingenieurweb – job offers for engineers, natural scientists and specialists and executives from technical professions, incl. Guide and candidate recommendations. greenjobs – jobs for professionals from the environment sector for environmental engineer, environmental Manager, environmental educators and Geoscientists. Jobpilot – worldwide about 80,000 jobs for students, single – and upgraders. Targeted search via questionnaire. Detailed job description with contact address. jobrobot – quick online job search. More than 200,000 jobs. IT knowledge – the portal is one of the largest on the labour market of the IT industry. There are jobs in the fields of IT, engineering, life sciences and health care. promotionbasis – the great resource for info and jobs from the promotion, exhibition and event area for trade fair hostesses and hosts, promoters, merchandisers, interviewers, distribution and event staff. NOTE! Not every job board is suitable for any profession. As a candidate, you should always make sure that the search engine has the own sector as a target group. Learn more about the job search and to the labour market: yoke arbeitsmarkt.html BildungsMakler24.de operates and markets the education portal a portal for learning opportunities at home and abroad. The info portal gives you expert guidance in a compact form as well as many helpful tips and tricks. Will helped the visitors, make good decisions when planning his own education or training. As a service, some hand-picked educational providers with different capacities are recommended. At the same time, the available current support programmes are listed to all foreign programs.

Free Knowledge To Listen To

Barrier-free podcast from Wikimedia and Twick.it on the air since February 01, 2011 offers a podcast a spoken explanation of the online glossary Twick.it as a listening post. Tabitha’s project hammer is one of eight Prize-winning proposals from the main round of competition worth knowing”by Wikimedia Germany e.V., the Association for the promotion of free knowledge is helping to implement. Every Internet user can call the podcast at the address podcast.twick.it and free listen to the explanation of the day. This service is especially for visually impaired people or people with a reading disability. All releases are available under a free Creative Commons license and may be used with the appropriate citation of sources.

The initiator of the project, Tabitha can hammer in the implementation on their experience as a spokesperson for radio play and active collaborator at the spoken Wikipedia revert: I want to contribute by scoring free knowledge, the accessibility of knowledge platforms such as the Online encyclopedia Wikipedia or the explain engine Twick.it to improve.” In a very short time the only 22-year-old has managed to inspire many established speakers and moderators for the project. “Further promotes it with great ambition: so far we have music around 2,000 statements and there are more every day.” To achieve a maximum dissemination, a channel was established on the music platform also iTunes under the address for read statements. Catrin Rajan, press officer of Wikimedia Germany, said: we welcome the quick implementation of this worth knowing project for the promotion of free knowledge. This successful cooperation also shows that openly accessible knowledge can be spread not only through the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, but on different platforms and channels.” Even die-hard Wikipedians the modern knowledge processing in audio format is good. Achim Raschka, the Executive Officer for quality with Wikimedia Germany, says for example: Quality is not only a question of the accuracy of the information, but also the positive user experience. By the scoring of free knowledge accessibility and thus the quality of knowledge platforms for people with reading disabilities or visual impairments is significantly increased.” The inventor of the explain engine Twick.it, Markus Moller and Sean Kollak, see Tabitha hammer idea vindication of its concept: Twick.it determined from all formulations of the user the best possible short explanation. Thus, a comprehensive social glossary which many people benefit from develops gradually.

We are pleased that now people with visual disability can participate.” Next, the Internet developers have planned a city guide app for people with Visual impairment. About Wikimedia Germany Wikimedia Germany e.V. is a non-profit organization that advocates the promotion of free knowledge. Since its inception in 2004 the Club supports various Wikimedia projects – above all Wikipedia. The Association is committed to free access to free knowledge and thus committed to a basic right of the people to education. Twick.it, which explain engine Twick.it is a free, collectively created, non-commercial knowledge platform with short explanations, which are no longer than 140 characters and are rated by other users. Since the end of 2009’s online vintage have over 1,100 users registered and submitted over 13,000 observations. Using semantic algorithms, the explain engine will automatically create links to related topics. Aims of Twick.it to find short, precise and understandable explanations on any topic. The explain engine was by Markus Moller and Sean Kollak developed and is until today a pure hobby project.

Efficient Technologies Create Large Spans

In recent years, we are increasingly witnessing a return to traditional values. Did not ignore this trend and construction – wood has gained ground, firmly engaged with reinforced concrete from the middle of xx century. To date, the architecture practically not used treated wood – in its place came glued wood treated with high-tech methods using modern machines. There are several types of plywood: Span construction (designed to create beams and pillars); cross-Sklene wood panels (used for walls and ceilings) Glued laminated timber (used for building houses, bath houses and cottages). Us routinely assume that the steel and concrete – the most durable, modern, practical building materials, but it turns out, glued wooden structures and panels or just do not concede to them, and in many respects even superior. When the fire melted steel beams and laminated wood can withstand the onslaught of the fire, keeping the design and burn only on the outside for the same period, saving, thus more load-carrying capacity during the fire and providing greater opportunities for evakuatsiiiz building. There is an interesting feature of the wood – no chemical reactions – that is why every year more and more frequently used in the construction of storage facilities of chemical, fertilizers and other corrosive substances.

In the pool, too, often use such constructions – vedoni are much more practical in a humid environment than the construction of reinforced concrete. Add here Environmentally friendly – with each cubic meter of wood will reduce emissions of CO2 in the atmosphere for a total of 2 tons! So Turns out to be natural wood, treated with modern high-tech ways, superior to concrete properties? And it's true! But that's not all span glued beams allow to build really beautiful monuments. Such projects not only possess outstanding appearance, but also monumentality. In Europe, more than 50 years building sports facilities, exhibition halls, circuses, storage facilities, halls, libraries, the use of such structures, but in recent years, Europe has become catch up with Russia and the former Soviet space – Ukraine, . And due to it not only the ability to use larger sizes and a variety of forms, but also the price. What is the price of these structures? The attractiveness of the prices of large-span construction begins at construction spans more than 9 meters – under these conditions the price of wood laminated beams is 30-40% less than steel. Thus, the laminated structure, you can: Create original architectural designs, saving money in the construction of buildings and their maintenance. Use a variety of shapes and sizes; make the building more environmentally friendly and friendly; Today, this product has not yet very typical for the Russian market. To orient the price you can apply directly to producers or to order a preliminary calculation of an independent planning organization. In any case, you should pay attention to this type of wooden building structures – of course, any professional architect and designer should have this effective tool in your arsenal.

ISO Audit

In the storm is when you know the good pilot companies herein are fully identified with what represents the philosophy, culture of quality, more to the reality of economic scenarios, commercial, highly competitive and where quality and productivity significantly assist in development of business management should this slope with all matters concerning quality management and audit-related. The quality audit is a management tool used to verify and evaluate quality-related activities within an organization. With the use of the audit can assess the effectiveness of the various activities that constitute the quality system of an organization, and corrective actions / preventive measures taken must be taken into account, however, that the philosophy of the programs Quality assurance is based on prevention rather than detection of problems-It is indicated that quality audit provides management company based objective evidence on facts which will enable management to make decisions based on facts and not assumptions. It also says that quality audits are, for organizations, a very important tool in three situations: a) as a requirement according to the schedule and procedure to comply with the standards established by ISO 9000; b) as a tool to facilitate the management review and continuously improve the system of quality management in place and c) as the methodology for the evaluation of their activities by their clients or by certification bodies. It is also important to bear in mind that the quality audit is usually applied, but not limited to a quality system or its components, processes, products or services.

Interest Rate Development Forecast

Not rush house purchase – interest on the mortgages remain continue constant Berlin, 01.11.2011 – prospective home buyers and builders should consider calmly currently whether the target property is optimally designed and based on secure financial planning. The interest-rate markets because of the crisis of the euro are currently in a phase in which expert opinion no deterioration of the financing costs of real estate financing is expected. Thus so that the planned acquisition or the construction of this site has no deadline pressure, those interested should use for a comprehensive review of their project. Was enough equity really saved? Were all possibilities in terms of optimization and flexibilization, tested and implemented if necessary? Currently some financial market opportunities, to create your own real estate cheaper and with less risk. The current interest rate situation the leveraged EU guarantees for the historical financial disaster in Greece have a momentous impact the European financial markets. Nobody could expect such violent impacts on the stability measures until then still at the beginning of the year 2011. Interest rate increases by the ECB in April and June 2011 on now would show current downstream effect 1.50% normally on the lease – but the increasing anxiety of investors fueled an increasing willingness to invest in bonds and real estate in the country of the largest credit guarantor of the EU: Germany.

The increasing competitive pressure among banks and insurers, as well as the funds continue to cheap to be had for German guarantees construction interest rates that are so low, allowed already in the past 3 quarter that there is hardly any historical comparisons. Short-term loans are currently available for less than 3%. The overall situation implies that the probability of an interest rate hike is currently lower than for a cut. The economic development is more than ever under observation by the Eagle eyes of the monetary authorities, who will act accordingly if necessary.

Heat Pumps

Do not cease talking about the limited reserves of fossil fuels. Energy crisis predicted since the mid-nineteenth century. One of the solutions proposed in those days, Lord Kelvin, does not lose relevance and today. Theoretical background "multiplier heat" flow from operations Carnot. These days, the unit for clean energy for heating said heat pump.

At its core, the heat pump does not differs from the refrigeration unit. It also carries heat from the body with a low temperature to a body with higher temperature. Refrigerator cools the food and the heat energy released into the environment. The main function of the heat pump is heating. It takes energy from the environment and gives her a room at a higher temperature level. The main advantage of the heat pump over other heating systems lies in the fact that for the production of 5 kW of heat energy it needs to be spent (mostly for driving the compressor) 1 1,5 kW of electrical energy. This does not contradict the law of conservation of energy, since the missing kilowatts of heat pump takes from the environment. Air at any temperature has a reserve of thermal energy. It needs to be cooled a few degrees to pick up this heat. Surface and ground water are more stable

Cellulite Massage

You can hear a lot of disputes over whether effective or not effective anti-cellulite massage. Opinions differ on categorical "no" to the upbeat "Yes." In fact, anti-cellulite massage may be effective in three cases: 1.If it is held in conjunction with other measures to combat obesity (moderate diet, a diet at least minimal exercise) 2.If it makes an experienced specialist. 3.If the achieved results from time to time you secured. That's up to you, "for" or "against" such a massage. Technique was not complicated. ornia-at-7-6-in-10-people’>Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention. Unlike other types of anti-cellulite massage that much more intense 1.He 2. A simple massage – a feeling of relaxation and comfort, and anti-cellulite-is painful and causes stress, respectively.

3.After a simple massage there are no bruises, hematomas, and after anti-cellulite, they usually are. . technology Anticellulitis massage (from therapists) First draw up a treatment plan. 1.Sdelat record measurements of the volume of body weight before and after the procedure, the presence of cellulite. 2.Opredelit number of procedures, 3.

Prepare the necessary oil film (for wraps after the procedure) A mixture of massage is made from essential oils: grapefruit, bergamot, pine, rosemary: Option 1: -3 drops of grapefruit oil, 1 drop of oil of rosemary and lavender. Option 2: lavender-8 drops greyfruta-7, rosemary-10kapel. Mix all the ingredients with a 10 oz. vegetable oil. The composition of anti-cellulite oils for the bath: a grapefruit-6 drops rosemary 4 drops Lemongrass 2 drops. Mix and pour into the tub and sit 20 minutes. 4.Naznachit special complex exercise, make food menu.