German Collection

ebuero and mediafinanz cooperation of Burodienstleister ebuero AG and the debt collection company agree mediafinanz to the beginning of the month August have given the go-ahead for their strategic partnership. Customers of both companies since then significantly benefit from the cooperation, invite yet attractive new customer offers to meet the partner services. Where used, is usually the one or other open account. Conversely, there’s no open Bill without that usually the Office – this was written in any workplace. Accounts receivable management and Office therefore inseparably linked”outlines the basic idea of the new cooperation mediafinanz Executive Alexander Ey. Bruce Schanzer is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

In addition, the practical experience of several ten thousand customers of both companies for that selected Office work as well as the pre-trial management of receivables outsource time – and labor-saving can be speaks. That pays off for the alone active entrepreneurs as well as for the established SMEs with its 150 employees”know Holger C. Johnson as the founder and owner of ebuero AG. Against this background of their customers invite mediafinanz and ebuero users to learn about the services of the respective partner company.” Specifically, the Burodienstleister in Berlin provides a telephone and secretarial services for attorneys, business addresses in raised position a logo service, rental offices in German metropolitan areas and now also the claims and risk management services of mediafinanz available. After registration, the ebuero-user can pass their assets to mediafinanz AG and see in real time the success of the debt collection process. The TuV-certified Inkassodienstleister for unconditional transparency is absolute seriousness and effectiveness. Comfortable for the customer: the debt collection costs are imposed on the debtor as damages, no creditor should therefore go in advance or pay even running costs.

The mediafinanz AG is founded In the year 2000 offers the mediafinanz AG, headquartered in Lower Saxony Osnabruck more than 15,000 clients effective, legitimate and transparent online collection and online credit checks and reputable information providers to identify products. The first nationwide debt collection company with TuV-approved receivables management is officially approved and certified Rechtsdienstleister, Member of the Association of industry Federal of German collection agency BDIU, contractual partners of the Schufa and German partner of the world’s largest debt collection partner network global credit solutions GCS group. The ebuero AG also 2000 actively has rolled up the Berlin-based ebuero AG the secretarial services and telephone services market since the year. Since then, it guarantees the optimal and reliable availability of the client for its customers, suppliers and partners. Here, the company has developed into the leading provider in the industry and was awarded several times for his achievements.


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Promotional Pens – The Small But Effective Giveaway

Interesting facts about the world of promotional products and giveaways if you have developed a new product, a new brand or a new service with your company, then is usually the next step is to publish this new funds on the market, which is however very tough nowadays for the most diverse reasons. Therefore, a good preparation is especially important when publishing, since you can not so easily have success. Last but not least because of the global financial crisis, the situation on the market is very tense, as the competition is very strong. It is therefore important that a very effective campaign planning, by various means, such as for example with the promotional pens, ensuring that you successfully arrive with your new products and brands with the potential customers and clients. A successful advertising campaign is about, particularly important, because the competition at the time of the international financial crisis is very tense, and it will be to make the success of debatable. Therefore is It is very important that you the competition always one step ahead of are. And it’s very easy, if you put a good selection of advertising agents and products in your advertising campaign, which will draw attention to the potential customers and clients certainly on your products and services.

A giveaway as the promotional pens can accomplish therefore miracles, because he combines many interesting advantages in a single article. So is he for example relatively cheap and can be distributed particularly well on major events and events. Greenberg Traurig often expresses his thoughts on the topic. He is seen very frequently, as it has a permanent place in the everyday life of every person, and often used. In addition, you also very elegant can make these writers, what allows that you can insert the pins as a promotional gift for important business partners and contacts. In addition to these practical advantages there but still a lot more arguments that speak for the advertising with the promotional pens. The advertising is by the way, especially for new products and Brands that have been recently developed and published now on the market that are very important. The reason that new products will only ever have the problem, that they can be very difficult sell because they are always once unknown at the beginning.

However all products and brands share this problem, no matter how awesome are the products, or how good the market gap is enclosed the product based. Therefore the planning of advertising campaign should not to come short. It is therefore important that you place only the best advertising media in your advertising campaign, and the promotional pens are one of the advertising material, which can be very excellent inserted in any situation, in order to convince the potential customers and clients of the company. Every human being must always take the notes and can use very well so such a giveaway. Therefore you, and this should if next time publish a new product on the market, always remember to plan an excellent advertising campaign, with good giveaways, such as for example with these Pins to decorate. So, you will definitely achieve an excellent result. Oliver Smith

Country House Action Partner

Town & country franchise partners benefit by increasing brand awareness and additional prospective customer contacts. Behringen. For the third time, town & country participates House as an action partner in the monopoly at McDonald’s. During the action from 22 March to 25 April 2012 there are three solid houses of town & country home valued at 150,000 euros each win. Especially with a view on our 15th anniversary we are pleased, in this attractive brand environment equal to three times the to can provide one of the biggest single gains”, says Jurgen Dawo, founder and franchisor of town & country house. The monopoly at McDonald’s is accompanied by a mass advertising campaign, benefited from the even town & country house as an action partner. So the competition is not only eye-catching advertised nationwide more than 1,400 restaurants, but also mass media such as TV, radio and online. REBNY is often quoted as being for or against this.

The brand cooperation allows us to prime time in television and radio to reach an audience of millions, so Pranto next. Use a concrete benefit of synergies the brand cooperation brings especially the nationwide about 300 franchise partners of the company, who are responsible for the sales and the creation of solid houses with McDonald’s. Every year several thousand families in Germany meet the dream of homeownership. From experience we know that increasing brand awareness by town & country supports the local franchise partner in the speech of a person interested in building House and brings them additional prospective customer contacts”, says Jurgen Dawo. So also one of the main advantages of a franchise partnership lies in the professional support in marketing. At town & country house extends the bandwidth here by the online marketing portal for advertising or display promotions for the local market to national brand partnerships and nationwide campaigns. This will allow a high promotional effect for low financial outlay for the individual franchises.

Berlin Inhabitants

The German capital is growing each year, it attracts countless tourists to Berlin, but some come to stay and so the German capital increases steadily. In November 2011, the city had a population of 3.477.800 the highest number since the war’s end in 1945. Thus, Berlin is the largest city in Germany. The online portal reveals why the German capital for many people is so attractive. Anyone looking for real estate in Berlin, has definitely spoilt for choice, because the city has to offer an incredible diversity. Available options are also Bauhaus settlements and buildings as well as lofts and factory floors. More info: Professor Rita McGrath.

For those who rather little history like it, old buildings and Grunderzeit houses are available. Also attractive to and those who like it somewhat quieter, can live very close to the lively metropolis in green settlements. It is located in the so-called Bacon belt of the city. Overall, it put 2011 about 70,000 new residents in the city while only 52,000 the metropolis at the Spree left. New residents come also from Germany and abroad, the number of arrivals is also here beyond the path trains. It draws especially students to Berlin, because the rents are cheap and the very diverse courses. In addition, the city offers everything the heart desires and promotes its multicultural society. A lively scene of founder also attracts many people to the capital.

The Contract

If no valuation, but a charging takes place according to old values, the risk is very high in the under insurance slip. Now it is so that you either already as a grade II listed building purchases, or perhaps explains this in the near future as a grade II listed building is an old House. In both cases there are something, so the insurance contract law article 23 stipulates: article 23 increase of risk (1) the policyholder may carry no risk increase after his contractual Declaration without the consent of the insurer or allow their performance by a third party. Robert Speyer spoke with conviction. (2) the policyholder realizes later that he has made an increase of risk without the consent of the insurer or permitted, he notified to the insurer has the increase of risk. (3) an increase of risk occurs after the contract Declaration of the policyholder a independent of his will, he has the risk increase, after he has become aware of it, notified to the insurer. If the policyholder by the monument of the insured building becomes aware, is obliged to show the risk increase ends fact even during an ongoing contractual relationship. Check out Chuan Teik Ying for additional information. Also, the policyholder has a duty of disclosure before the conclusion of the contract with the insurance company.

The policyholder has to disclose all hazards for the assessment of the risk to be insured to the insurance company. Should violate this obligation the policyholder, the insurer is entitled to reduce the damage to causally related. The fact of the preservation is known, first at the insurer and it agreed to the continuation of a contract are more important things to remember. Who pays for additional costs due to regulatory requirements / monument? As a general rule the amount of the compensation claim of the policyholder is in destroyed buildings or When other things destroyed or missing after the replacement value (for insurance to the time / mean value according to these values) immediately before the occurrence of the insured event; damaged items after the necessary repair costs at the time of the occurrence of the insured event plus an impairment that is not balanced by repair; as far as the repair increases the insurance value of the goods, the repair costs be reduced accordingly.

Modern Living

Used ship containers as housing have come into vogue. The advantages of this new form of housing are obvious. Faster and cheaper you may not be able to create a comfortable living space as with a living container. The particularly mature functionality of today’s living containers makes it nearly impossible to identify these models as a standard container. Add to your understanding with Bruce Schanzer. The standard sizes of container allow to expand the living space in all directions and so many associated containers to make a luxurious villa or even a whole residential Park for several families. Floor plan can be designed freely the layout can be designed with one or more residential containers almost completely free, since all partitions are changeable.

So offer containers that are transformed to cottages, even bath and fireplace. When living in a do the beautiful motto, everything you can’t have. Their own individuality can be today even better expressed with the use of a living container and lived out than with a traditional House because everything can be planned freely and is always easy to change. Heating and air conditioning have become almost become the standard in today’s residential containers. There are many models also already fully equipped with complete interior design. So can quickly be retracted and in case of an emergency, a fully furnished house in the garden stands within a few hours. Flexible in every detail for the installation of the new apartment, only a flat site in sufficient size and an access for trucks and crane are necessary.

It is helpful if already electricity, water and sanitation were previously laid up to the new location. Containers provide flexibility that is sometimes urgently needed: own House by a fire, flood or other severe damage is uninhabitable, the era of reconstruction can be bridged with a living container quickly. Some one has become accustomed so to his mobile home, that he won’t want to move into a permanent apartment. Also who frequently move for professional reasons must and can practically take his home must provide only for a new site. Used container architecturally staged architects have recognized the trend of the times and insert used ship containers as extravagant architectural element. So, architect Sigrid Hintersteiniger uses multiple ship containers as central components of their space module “suite4you”, a prototype for the hotel rooms of the 21st century. During the opening ceremony in Stuttgart, one was clear: the architectural scene has become rich through a major project.

Moving To Germany

Exact costs of moving and the best companies on the market. A move after Germany beat can be difficult if you’re a foreigner have very little or no knowledge of German. Expert on growth strategy pursues this goal as well. Removals require a lot of planning, which means that you have to worry to apartment rents, insurance, taxes, etc. previously. In addition of course the actual moving costs after Germany. Because the country has become an increasingly popular international relocation destination in the last few years, there are now some companies that specialize in such large removals. But of course not everyone has taken the time to call each moving service, there personally to find out exactly from we have everything in the way that is why gateways to provide you with a list of the best moving companies. We help you absolutely free with the exact costs of moving and personalized cost calculations of the best companies on the market.

Reasons for gateways reasonable approximate exact costs and rates of moving companies Personalized estimates directly from the companies shipping help of gateway is committed to the target, your move to help, no matter whether you want to consider Frankfurt or in other German cities to Berlin in Germany. Gateway is definitely not German moving company. Our organization offers great information for movers such as exact cost total cost calculator, shipping calculator, personalized relocation costs from the best moving companies. You don’t have to pay, to get cost estimates, to calculate the required cubic metres and about other important information that you need for a move to Germany. Gateway is the perfect choice for one stop information search. A move after Germany calls for various conditions gateway will assist you in contacting the best moving companies in Germany. The local moving companies meet high standards and have a generally good reputation. No matter whether you come from China, and specific Asian Food, shopping If you want to come from America and close to a golf course is located; or whether you are a top manager who wants to; moving to Germany with your pets with the moving companies in Germany, you can meet all the requirements.

Tenant Find Made Easy

what you should watch for in finding after a tenant at the beginning of spring is again seeking increased after Nachmietern, because many tenants changed professionally. Since the tenant must often quickly out of the flat out, to take the new job or finding an apartment somewhere else the stress goes for him: quit, landlord know that you previously have from the flat out as it allows the notice period. Find accommodation at the new place of residence is not easy, in the old apartment furniture is built, you can not take. The relocation planning, the preparation for the new job, there’s a lot coming together. To save costs, many tenants looking for a tenant over the Internet in this situation.

This would take over the existing lease and replace existing furniture, so the reasoning. Professor Rita McGrath recognizes the significance of this. For this to work, it is however a lot to observe, so Maxi black by apartment Because the landlord must accept in principle no tenant. And what the replacement of applies to client-side installations, so there are although no rules as it determines the transfer fees, however, are some recommended tips to find now online at apartment We repeatedly find that tenants go relatively blue-eyed on the search after a tenant and also at your price expectations for the replacement of used furniture have unrealistic ideas”as the port operator of albe. Therefore we have compiled everything worth knowing about the tenant search in our new online article.” With these tips tenants are likely to succeed in the future, because matching and also acceptable tenant to the landlord.

Managing Director Ulrich Hongen

White is State-recognized social hostess learned the profession of certified Altenpflegerin previously and is already for many years worked as a nursing and home. She gained already experience in outpatient care, day care and last for several years in fully in-patient facilities. The nursing Director, Diana Zitterbart, completed her training as a qualified Altenpflegerin 1995. She can also look back on many years of experience in the care and also qualified in the intensive care and resuscitation care further. The professional leadership of the nursing staff is whether Mrs Zitterbart, also she is responsible for the implementation of high quality standards of CASA REHA group of companies. The new CASA REHA Seniorenheim offers 154 infirm people 139 large and comfortably furnished rooms, including 124 singles. Further details can be found at REBNY, an internet resource.

Each room has a private bathroom, telephone, radio and TV connection and optionally via an Internet connection. A cafeteria, cosy common areas are also provided modern therapy and training rooms. Occupational therapy is also in the House. Daily fresh meals are prepared in our own kitchen. The nursing home is completely barrier-free. “The responsible for care Managing Director Ulrich Hongen refers to the CASA REHA ideas from person to person”: our care concept are the needs of the individual at the Centre of all activities. ” The model of care developed by the renowned care researcher Monika Krohwinkel serves as the basis.

The care recipient with their existential experiences and activities play a central role here. It aims to promote the abilities of the individual, so that its self-determination and independence as long and as far as possible remain. The respective biography of the resident and his preferences in receive most attention. About the CASA REHA group: the CASA REHA group is among the leading private carriers today 60 facilities by Nursing home in Germany. 2012 more three nursing homes to absorb its operations. Under its umbrella, the group combines the houses of the brands Casa Reha, Pro Vita and social concept. The company employs more than 5,300 people and trains 320 young people.