Turkey Real Estate Acquisition

The reasons for buying property in Turkey. Considering the many reasons for buying property in Turkey is to provide five key: First, this is the best offer overseas property in terms of price / quality ratio. Content and service apartments, villas, hotels and land on the Turkish coast is much lower than in the Moscow […]

Early Construction

Under literal interpretation of the rule violation will only be those cases where the object is shared construction will be transmitted later than that envisaged by the agreement. If the object is shared construction will be transferred to participatory construction earlier period specified in the agreement (and such cases occur in practice), it will not […]

The Interior

It is also necessary leave a small gap between the strip and accessories so she was able to move freely but horizontally. Siding can be installed horizontally, vertically or diagonally. For if the material is horizontal, that in no case can put it vertically, and vice versa. Breathes there a house covered with siding? Of […]

Companies Construction

Cost of the facilities have always been incorporated in the price per square meter, but in a situation where one apartment, there are ten buyers, developers could save, usually by allocating a small own sales department, a separate company, to remove unnecessary questions of value added, explaining its services subsidiary agency. With a main objective […]