The Slip resistance depends on the mineral composition of the surface structure. Please Antiflutsch Antiflutsch grease Remover before children keep and keep safe! Antiflutsch grease Remover is ideal for all sanitary facilities such as showers, sinks, toilets, marble, tiles, ceramic, natural stone, enamel or porcelain, and granite. Suitable for indoor use. Antiflutsch grease Remover may 2 3 week applied to provide clean and hygienic surfaces. Do not use on wood or aluminum.Fine surfaces/sanitary facilities: Please protect your hands with a disposable glove and Antiflutsch grease Remover apply thick with a micro-fiber cloth on the desired surface. Antiflutsch grease Remover must not necessarily be mixed with water.

After about 10 minutes, rinse and coat with Antiflutsch. 500ml Antiflutsch fats also are sufficient for approx. 10 m m. Rough & oily surfaces: the hands with a disposable glove protect and to the desired Surface Antiflutsch grease Remover with a cleaning MOP (E.g. Vileda MOP) thoroughly apply until the existing dirt has been removed. Please mix with water before application Antiflutsch grease remover.

Do not use on wood or aluminum. Formula: 500ml + 5l water = 50 m / 100ml + 1l water = 10 m square. Wipe with clear water after about 5 minutes. Anti-slip grip, grip anti slip mat non slip, non slip pads, anti-slip mats, anti-slip pad, anti-slip mats, anti-skid mat, anti slip mat, anti slip pads, anti slip pad, anti slip mats, anti slip mat, anti slip, non slip, Super grip, ground attack, anti slip, giorgin, safetyline antislide, anti-slip protection, products invisible anti-slip coating for all ceramic surfaces, tiles, showers, and sinks ceramic, enamel or porcelain and granite. After cleaning with Antiflutsch grease Remover just apply and wash off after about 30 minutes. Depending on the surface, the product can last about 2-5 years. Antiflutsch grease remover for fine surfaces such as Sanitary facilities (see “operational area”). Even though you may have already used already the anti-slip product you use it for daily cleaning, easy to apply, and after about 10 minutes, rinse thoroughly. Antiflutsch grease Remover can be used for rough surfaces for very dirty and oily areas (see “operational area”). Formula: 100ml Antiflutsch grease Remover 1 l water = 10 m = m. Suitable for wood. Warranty & care Antiflutsch is a certified quality product, durable, resilient and durable. The warranty period for Antiflutsch betragim normally about 2 years warranty. How long does’ Antiflutsch? It depends on the intensity of use. Many customers in the area of the hotel industry, confirm, there? Antiflutsch coatings, which were brought up in the shower and bath for more than 10 years ago, still an optimal slip resistance is offered. If you still have the feeling after many years of use, that the coating effectiveness loses, that is no problem: simply put Antiflutsch in a few minutes and secure life.

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