Bathed in Lavender at the Ojai Valley Lavender Festival

My brother has arrived…and so has the noise! Wow, I didn’t realize just how noisy two cute kids could be. Nevertheless, we are enjoying ourselves a great deal.

I have to laugh, since I created an air-tight schedule of events for the time that my brother is in town…but then so many interesting things have come up.

Take today for instance. Today, we stumbled upon the Ojai Valley Lavender Festival at Libbey Park. I had no idea what was going on as we went to the park for a walk, and stumbled into a sea of purple. Turns out that today marked the 8th year that they’ve had the festival.

The mission of the Ojai Valley Lavender Festival is to demonstrate and promote all of the possible uses of lavender. It’s also focused on broadening public awareness about lavender and educating potential growers and farmers about all of the benefits of this plant.

So, today Libbey Park was awash in all sorts of lavender products. There were lavender plants, gardens created just for the event, vendors who were selling all sorts of interesting foods and home items, talks by lavender growers and producers and more. Of course, there was awesome live music to go with it all.

The entire park was packed – they say that they usually get 5000 visitors and I could definitely tell that they were close to that number. I was ready to collapse by the end of the day, but it was certainly a fun experience and something unusual to enjoy!

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