Bernie and I: A Love Begins

No, mom, I haven’t met the man of my dreams.  Sorry to disappoint.  Geez….

Rather, I’ve met…well…how shall I put this? The dog of my dreams!

So, one of my friends here in Ojai had to move back to the East Coast (have fun with those winters!) and she asked me if I wanted her dog.  I’ve always loved animals, but since I don’t see myself as the most stay-put person, I’ve never taken one on myself.

But there she was with those droopy eyes and that wagging tail and I just couldn’t resist.  She’s a Bernese Mountain Dog, which may very well be the most beautiful animal you’ve ever seen in your life.  I figure she will help me to stay active since I have to take her for walks everyday.

And…you never know.  Some cute guy just might stop me to ask me about my dog. Stranger things have happened.

The best part is that Bernie is already trained, so I don’t have to go through that whole mess.  He’s really adorable – he’s kind of like an overgrown carpet, and since I haven’t put much effort into decorating my apartment…I think he’s become the perfect decoration.

Gotta love those unexpected finds – and I’m definitely falling in love with Bernie!

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