Civil Construction

Weak points – Lack of qualified man power in the area of sewing of the industry; – Absence of strategical Planning: the company does not have future vision; – Absence of spreading of the product: the spreading of the product is made by mouth the mouth. Chances – Growth of the sector of Civil Construction, the activity branch that more consumes the products of the industry; – Easiness of acquisition of raw material, since the industry possesss a tannery; – Few industries of gloves in the State of Gois. Threats – Lack of professionals in the sewing area, having that the times excuse to sales or purchase gloves of the competitors to vender to the customers; – New incoming in the market, being able in the future to lose its customers for the competition. 1.2.3. Situation Problem the Industry Alone Gloves has great demand for its products, having that to excuse sales, therefore its productive capacity does not obtain to take care of the demand that it possesss. The cause of this problem is the lack of qualification of professionals of the sewing area, what it hinders that the industry contracts new employees. Currently the industry possesss 35 machines and only 31 of these machines possesss sewer.

These machines have capacity to produce 200 pairs of parts per day, and for it schemes, and the production that these employees obtain to make is of 100 parts pairs, since they receive its wage according to its production. Ahead of this situation, we identify the necessity to mount a project that comes to enable new and the current employees so that proprietor obtains to use to advantage the maximum capacity of production of the machines so that these take care of the demand for its product. 1.2.4. Question Problem the qualification would be the only form to raise the productivity of the employees of the area of sewing of the Industry alone Gloves?

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