BOILER, Luis Claude. The Construction of the Myth Luis Alves de Lima and Silva (Duke of Caxias). 2009. 39 p SUMMARY. The present work has for objective to analyze the life of the only Brazilian Duke, Luis Alves de Lima and Silva (Duke of Caxias) 1803? 1880. By means of the existing Biographies on this most recent personage where I will use as Historical sources the workmanship of 1878 writing still while still alive of Caxias for the priest Joaquin Young chicken De Campos next to the writing for Capistrano de Abreu in 1908 and written in 2004 for Adriana B Souza the Caxias Duke that it gained prominence as To militate and Politician in Imperial Brazil.

The work if also concentrates in problematic of the attributed memory the Caxias: today he is recognized as protector of the army, but nor always it was thus; before the decade of 1920, Caxias was a secondary hero. This rank of protector of the army, the term fit to General Osrio protector or commemorated military man more in decade 1920, therefore the term protector not yet existed in the Brazilian military tradition, transistion this that will be argued throughout work. The biography of Adriana Barreto (2004), affirms to have had the construction of the Duke side monument leaving the figure human being in the history of the Brazilian Army. 1 Capitulo argues the beginning of life and career of Caxias as its characteristics of personality, (the profile) aspects of its familiar privacy and its human side (therefore to the army it passed the image of a very demanding rigorous man with regard to disciplines the times cruel but they cite it to the biographies as provided with common-sense with commanded and compassion with the enemy). No longer 2 I capitulate will be analyzed the campaigns of Caxias for Brazil: Balaiada, (1838) was where 1 received its heading from nobility of baron of Caxias, Tatters (1842) War of Paraguay etc.

As well as its life politics, therefore exerted some positions senator politicians the province president even so is considered avesso to the politics in the 1878 biography and 1908, of 2004 affirm to be evident its affinity politics. 3 I capitulate will make the quarrel of problematic ' ' Because Caxias if became patrono' ' evidencing that in 40 years (1880? 1920) were if delineating a dichotomy (that is it was separating to the human being and the monument) in the image of Caxias, appearing, to the end, the image of the national hero. Therefore its cult was instituted as protector in 1923 for the minister of the army Setembrino de Carvalho substituting Osrio for Caxias, exists the thesis of the article of Celso Castro (Between Caxias and Osrio 2002) that the change was for taking care of the republican interests of the time. In way to the military revolts in the decade of 1920. WORD KEY – Biography, army, problematic

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