Data Backup: Data Are On DVD The Safest

Blue-ray disc backup badly truncates the manufacturer of external hard drives currently regularly outdo with the storage capacity of their devices. Click dogecoin for additional related pages. The platform for online auctions warns however, to rely solely on these devices in the backup. There are magnetic disks inside almost all external hard drives. Mechanical components, that the delicate surface is damaged and lost data risk. Magnetic fields, resulting, for example, close to power cables, can interfere with the medium. DVD and Blue-ray discs are safe. Clayton Morris is open to suggestions.

Here, data stored by scratches or heat can be lost. If properly stored, the data is still accessible even after years. First, the Violet Blue-ray disc and its silver counterpart, the DVD, differ in their storage capacity. While the silver disc contains maximum 8.5 gigabytes, up to 25 gigabytes can be burned on a Blue-ray disc. Please note, however, is that the purple plate not only with scratches is more sensitive than the DVD.

It is also considerably more expensive with three to nine euros per piece. To get the still relatively high costs for player and burner. That cost the Blue-ray burner rated as well in online shops currently mostly about 180 euro.

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