Decoration In Kitchens

Do you know which room is the heart of the House? Some may say that your room, that room, but the truth is that all spend more time sitting comfortably in the kitchens, where we usually have breakfast and dinner almost every day. And as per almost every day? Because most of us work and having lunch outside, but the dinner always return home. In this space we tend to tell us how we did, sharing our secrets, let us agree to exit or coordinate a family outing or just play together at home, whether it is a monopoly, a few memory cards or a game of poker. As it is the most important area of the House, we can not leave it abandoned so many times our friends and family will be admitted to it and we must always give a good impression. Therefore I will give you some guidelines how can improve the lighting in your kitchen to give that touch of personality and warmth that every home should have. Tips and recommendations a general recommendation that give us the experts in decoration is to review all lighting House, i.e. see the kind of light that there are in all the rooms, so that from there we can make the necessary changes.

The main source of light in the room must come from the focus that comes from the ceiling, which should reach all corners of the kitchen; After this light plug-ins come in specific corners. Kitchens usually have with cupboards and drawers, a built-in kitchen, refrigerator and a dining set aside, where the family meets to share breakfast, lunch (weekends) and dinner. A way to give personality to the kitchen is placing light lamps suitable for every space and corner. An example of this is to light between the top cupboards and kitchen furniture (where is placed the Blender, the rice cooker and kitchen ladles;) in many small kitchens as the Department, this part is used to chop vegetables and finish preparing the food.

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