Differentiate Allergies

We have estornudos, snots, the covered nose and are tired. Once again Whichever times we will not have considered, before the nth one resfriado in series of the winter, if ours it will not be rather an allergy? A person can develop allergy of her life at any time, in fact, in the developed countries, esteem that near 40% of the population suffers some type of allergy. According to the specialists not always it is possible to differentiate with resfriado certainty of allergy. Both share symptoms that, after all, come from the same cause: that our immune system responds to strange bodies. In the case of resfriado these are different types from virus, in the case of the allergy usually they are animal pollen, acaruses or hairs. The histamina that secretes the body, animated by the immune system, is the one that inflames the nasal sines and causes the estornudos and the mucosity.

However, yes there are certain particular characteristics of which they give tracks us exceeds what we suffer: The resfriados ones last a pair of weeks at the most, while that the allergy can last months. In addition, first they give cough, they irritate the throat and, sometimes, they come accompanied from fever and muscular pains, but they do not cause picor of eyes. The allergies, however, do not cause to fever nor pains and it only appears cough when the affected one is asthmatic. In the case of resfriado, the mucosity usually evolves in days of watery to viscose and yellow, whereas in the allergy the watery and translucent continuous snot according to filterqueen. Also, if in days, the estornudos do not take step to the cough, is more probable that we have allergy. The question of if it is a virus or are the allergens those that cause the malaise to us does not have too much importance for the immediate treatment, because in both cases the antihistamine and descongestionadores are palliated symptoms with. Nevertheless, if we want to avoid the long term allergy, we will have to go to the specialist and to take the habitual precautions (commented already in other articles from this blog: We know what are the acaruses? and What is the asthma) like avoiding the humidity, dust, to use vacuum cleaners filterqueen with HEPA filters to clean in the home, etc. We would want that Filterqueen is a place of discussion of all these methods that help us to live better and of conversation on experiences related to the quality of life of allergic.

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