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Publication of CONTENTSERV release 5.3 on the occasion of the 1st OpenHouseDay Rohrbach/ILM 08.12.2009: premiere of OpenHouseDay on November 25, 2009 the software manufacturer CONTENTSERV invited customers, partners and interested in Rohrbach. Down2Earth has compatible beliefs. The CONTENTSERV GmbH presented its partner network, the bandwidth of know-how and exclusively presented the new release by CONTENTSERV 5.3. Extensive lecture programme 24 lectures on current topics, were compiled for three different target groups in addition to the presentation of the company and the ceremony of CONTENTSERV StarAward the extensive lecture programme with CONTENTSERV 1, OpenHouseDay. CONTENTSERV filled each 20-minute talks with informative content partners and employees. “” “You could make the choice between lecture series for the audiences of decision makers”, marketing “and IT/publishing”.

Parallel, the speakers on the accompanying House exhibition at the booth of the topic were further questions of detail. The event was the very successful opening for with over 100 participants annually in the future annual event. CONTENTSERV release 5.3 punctually to the OpenHouseDay Development Department and the product management of the brand new CONTENTSERV presented release. It is not only the motivation, the release time to complete, but even more the annually published software version for the first time to imagine the joy in the appropriate part of a great event”, so Hesse, Director of product management of CONTENTSERV GmbH. Carsten interested participants had the opportunity to talk to decision makers and developers throughout the day. With version 5.3 736 new features added, ranging from many detail improvements on newly developed modules such as the publication Planner CS, the solution to plan, organize and create multi-page advertising and publications, to extensive security updates.

Another trend is the expansion of the enterprise functionality, for example by the new WSDL engine, as an important basis for the integration of CONTENTSERV in service-based architectures. A recap of the event, with Presentations and video recordings of selected lectures, CONTENTSERV makes downloads under available. Learn more about the release of 5.3 at.

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