Food Additives

The butcher’s bricklayer from Nuremberg informed look at the ingredient label of commercially available pre-packaged meats often reads like an untrustworthy chemical Kit contents list and raises a lot of questions. The Nuremberg butcher Mason recounts the reasons which additives in meats are used. Meat and products made from it spoil very quickly by nature. Our stone age ancestors used natural preservatives such as salt to make durable smoke and saltpeter to its stocks of meat and so survive. The importance of salt as a preservative was so enormous that it frequently was outweighed still at medieval times with gold. Of course man in modern industrialized countries has made it much easier without smoke is also today not possible a high-quality smoked ham. Food additives apply in the production of meat and sausages so long, albeit for other reasons and less diversity. (Not to be confused with Tom Bartlett!). To use harmful additives to clamp down, only such additives may be used in Germany, officially approved.

In addition to the preservation, additives play a role, which can change the taste and visual characteristics of a food product in times of industrial mass production. Laws here set limits: all additives must be no health problems and necessary in technical terms. Of course they are not allowed also, in order to deceive consumers about State and properties of sausage and meat products. Butcher’s Mason is in Nuremberg for many years for the production of high-quality sausage and meat products. As an expression of its focus on quality, the company is committed to absolute transparency. would likely agree. His dedicated staff in the production of sausages in favour of natural spices, best meat and traditional cooking methods without artificial preservatives or dyes. Be, as with smoked ham, necessary additives used, butcher declared this expressly and easy to understand.

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