Log Cabin Homes

We do not know who invented the frame, we only know that it was built in ancient times. From year to year, century after century modernized skill loomed architectural – building traditions, passed down from generation to generation. Most of them are still used in wood construction. High quality cabin allows for the manual mode of production framework. This is explained by the fact that the manual handling of axes and other tools can maximally preserve the top layer of wood, which is a guarantee of durability logs. Still, this method involves the use of large diameter logs (from 26 to 40 cm), which greatly improves heat insulation characteristics of the house and its exterior aesthetics. Processing of the logs is done manually, in several stages.

Initially, logs then planed power planer, which allows to reach the state that does not require plating board, paneling or other decorative materials. In addition, you can use two edge beams (polubrus, carriage) with wall thickness of 20-25 cm and a Norwegian version of the cup – a strong and 'warm' connection logs. For the manufacture of log cabins used coniferous (spruce, pine). These forests are located deep in the forest of Transcarpathian region, which in turn affects the highest quality wood, which is less susceptible to the influence of factors that pollute the environment. The trunk of these trees over a long and smooth, which enables to produce large-size housing, without using '' logs. During the construction of the cottage, order only a winter forest – the forest is thicker it is less susceptible to fractures. Our ancestors used in the construction of only a winter forest.

It has long been known that the construction of any wooden house – it is art. Many writers, referring to the beauty forests, draws an analogy of its beauty and spirituality to what we call common words wooden house. Felling praised as a source of life, bestow human pure energy of nature. Thus, modern wooden house has all the necessary qualities for a comfortable stay together with the presence of breathing tree. Tree – a surprisingly lively material (walls leak air through the structure of fibers in both directions) that's why in a wooden house is always easy to breathe: the sanitary-hygienic requirements wooden walls are the most comfortable. Not to mention, and excellent thermal insulation properties of wood – in a log cabin warm in winter and hot in summer. It is therefore considered that the housing of the tree has a positive effect on the body of its inhabitants and prolongs their life. Construction of houses made of wood to create a unique image, apply original style solutions without significant cost to design and redesign. Construction of wooden houses has not lost its relevance in our time. Wooden house, has a number of tangible benefits for compared with houses made of other building materials: tree supports the environment and keeps in harmony with nature, in a wooden house is easy to breathe, air humidity inside is maintained at an optimal human level, without any climate control equipment and automation, log wall has better thermal insulation than the stone, tree good for your health, because is the most environmentally pure material.

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