Modern Living

Used ship containers as housing have come into vogue. The advantages of this new form of housing are obvious. Faster and cheaper you may not be able to create a comfortable living space as with a living container. The particularly mature functionality of today’s living containers makes it nearly impossible to identify these models as a standard container. The standard sizes of container allow to expand the living space in all directions and so many associated containers to make a luxurious villa or even a whole residential Park for several families. Floor plan can be designed freely the layout can be designed with one or more residential containers almost completely free, since all partitions are changeable.

So offer containers that are transformed to cottages, even bath and fireplace. When living in a do the beautiful motto, everything you can’t have. Their own individuality can be today even better expressed with the use of a living container and lived out than with a traditional House because everything can be planned freely and is always easy to change. Heating and air conditioning have become almost become the standard in today’s residential containers. There are many models also already fully equipped with complete interior design. So can quickly be retracted and in case of an emergency, a fully furnished house in the garden stands within a few hours. Flexible in every detail for the installation of the new apartment, only a flat site in sufficient size and an access for trucks and crane are necessary.

It is helpful if already electricity, water and sanitation were previously laid up to the new location. Containers provide flexibility that is sometimes urgently needed: own House by a fire, flood or other severe damage is uninhabitable, the era of reconstruction can be bridged with a living container quickly. Some one has become accustomed so to his mobile home, that he won’t want to move into a permanent apartment. Also who frequently move for professional reasons must and can practically take his home must provide only for a new site. Used container architecturally staged architects have recognized the trend of the times and insert used ship containers as extravagant architectural element. So, architect Sigrid Hintersteiniger uses multiple ship containers as central components of their space module “suite4you”, a prototype for the hotel rooms of the 21st century. During the opening ceremony in Stuttgart, one was clear: the architectural scene has become rich through a major project.

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