My Xplace – Starts A Local Shopping Portal And Products In Your Area

“Online portal is stationary product availabilities online customers bring back from my xplace in the business shopping could so simply be, if one knew one click the desired product today instead of tomorrow are available in the nearby business!” says Christian Ladner, Managing Director of my-xplace GmbH. Again, recent studies prove that sale in the stationary trade increasingly precedes an online search. Customers gather information on the Internet about the product and its properties, and then buy it in any business in your area. My xplace has developed that enables consumers to find the right product online within a few seconds and online as well as locally directly to display the availability now a location based services portal. New about it is that the consumer gets displayed, in which stores the product is today. Local product availability at a glance with my xplace learn the desired product consumers, in which stores of their environment at what price is available. The portal brings together the whole range of stationary trade comprehensive product information and product availability. Through the use of location based services reach these consumers via the Internet from any location.

As a result of its product search, which is done through categories or free text, the consumer obtains a list and maps of the surrounding shops or stores with the selected product. As an alternative to the Filialverfugbarkeiten the user appears, in which online stores, the product is available. My xplace inserts so that new information and communication technologies for the consumer targeting of stationary trade. The portal combines the advantages of local activities and presents the complete assortment of the stationary retail trade on the Internet. My xplace provides added value for consumers, trade and a modern purchase process allowing both interest groups. So far the stationary trade has its monetary competition benefits for merchants Advantage of the immediate product availability little – or minimally used.

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