Permits Construction

In recent years, construction of houses and cottages in the suburbs is moving quite rapidly. Built up more and more land. But keep in mind that the construction of houses and cottages without special permit for the construction is illegal. Construction of buildings without permission from the Russian Civil Code (Article 222) defines as the unauthorized construction. Art.

222. Unauthorised construction of 1. Unauthorized construction of a residential building, other structure, building or other immovable property created on land not designated for that purpose in the manner prescribed by law and other legal acts, or created without obtaining the necessary permits for this or a material breach of town planning and building regulations. 2. A person who carries out the unauthorized construction, does not acquire the right of ownership. It may not dispose of construction – to sell, give, rent, lease, engage in other transactions. Unauthorised building subject to demolition to achieve its face or at his expense, except as provided in paragraph 3 of this article. 3.

Ownership of the unauthorized construction can be found by a court for the perpetrator of the building does not belong to him the land, provided that this section will be provided in due course that person under the erected building. Ownership of the unauthorized construction can be found by a court for a person to own, lifetime inheritable possession, permanent (perpetual) which is plot of land where construction carried out. In this case, the person for whom recognized the right of ownership of the building, shall reimburse the person to carry out its spending on construction in the amount determined by the court.

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