President Facts

The announcer said the distraught face certain difficulties that the President had died in a plane crash. Few details. The information was diffusely accuracy. A hill in the central provinces covered in mist, rain, the inaccessibility of the terrain, an airplane pilot error where the president was traveling and miscalculations complemented the note. This scene and these facts were constant throughout the afternoon and evening. Maybe it was six when the first images from the crash site appeared punctuated by thick vegetation, making his way soldiers with machetes and the flight of a helicopter before the expectant eyes of the locals.

According to the news part, the airplane had been embedded in the top of a hill a few miles from local airport. Broken in two, as demonstrated visual sequences, it was naive to think of survivors. He could still be a thread of smoke. In the distance, did add a flight of migratory birds. Spleen Vespasian did not cling to reflection, preferred a formal attitude of respect or perhaps contained embarrassment.

The great event did not allow escape from the emotional reaction. He concluded his management after thirteen years, an administration that was now looking through the rubble of the fuselage of an aircraft's broken body of their leader. When the facts are settled in such a jumble of information and the usual assumptions, when it became the fate of head of state and his companions, broke through the sadness of people have lost someone close, as close as a relative as tangible as a friend.

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