Property Selling Tips

Now, according to Finnish law, everyone, including citizens of other countries, has the right to own real estate in Finland. Effective and predictable legal system of Finland is equally guaranteed property rights as indigenous citizens of Finland and foreign property owners, ie Your right to buy or sell real estate is governed by the same laws. Selling or buying Real estate in Finland is a real estate office. Between the seller and the realtor's office of housing contract on sale of housing, and then all go right to housing realtor. The contract shall be certified only the signatures of seller and buyer, the internal contents of the contract is not affected. The agreement also contains all the basic information about the property, price and payment terms. Before signing a contract of sale the buyer has the right to require the seller to verify the technical condition of housing purchased, thus it is necessary to agree, at whose expense will be paid for the work of an expert.

All liability for damages in unspecified contract for the seller. Before signing a contract of sale the seller, usually requires payment of a sum of money in the event that the transaction will not take place all the fault of the buyer. This harness amount about 4% of the transaction – usually around 2,000 euros. If the deal did not materialize, the seller has the right not to return the amount of the deposit. It is important to know that the apartments in Finland are owned by corporations, and owner is the holder of a certain number of shares of the housing society, which gives him the right to live in a certain apartment. Therefore, the sale of apartments in high-rise building, the sales contract is in triplicate: for seller, buyer and the housing corporation. Now the cost spent on the sale of housing: in Finland do not pay sales tax on housing, if the property is sold After 2 years of purchase.

If the house is sold before the expiry of that period, pay taxes on the amount of profit. The seller also pays for the realtor, it is 3% – 4% for single family houses, 5% for flats (plus 22% VAT). All other costs – taxes, lawyers' fees, notaries, registration fees, etc. paid by the buyer.

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