Introduction the school, today, is one of the spaces where the pupils have possibilities to construct knowledge, in the diverse areas. In the Mathematics, and specifically, with the education of Geometry, we can show that the use of elements gifts in the cultural context, of the pupils, can provide a learning that desperte the curiosity, […]


Einstein looked at more far and showed that a theory to be well accepted has that to have ideals connected in it. Its ideals were the truth the beauty and justice, and it connected the complexity of its theory these ideals and them they had been materialized and eternalized in the material world and spiritual. […]

Civil Construction

Weak points – Lack of qualified man power in the area of sewing of the industry; – Absence of strategical Planning: the company does not have future vision; – Absence of spreading of the product: the spreading of the product is made by mouth the mouth. Chances – Growth of the sector of Civil Construction, […]