Ten Years Betterbyphone

Health communication celebrates its tenth anniversary from the start of betterbyphone, one of the leading companies of in Germany in the field of pharmaceutical sales, pharmaceutical sales, pharmaceutical marketing and post-marketing surveillance, now. In particular the flexibility and great expertise of over fifty salaried employees contribute to the success of betterbyphone believed by company Director Martina Sawhney. We advance our clients compared to glass”describes Sawhney. Because the experienced teams on the platforms of the principal work at over ninety per cent of betterbyphone customers. This requires a high effort and mutual confidence, as the head of the company stressed. For the pharmaceutical companies, this offer several advantages: the betterbyphone employees assembled for the job to a special team work in real time in the ERP system and the CRM database. So the client can understand anytime minute current, who has done just what.

In addition, allows This exclusive cooperation a very fast response time. A pharmaceutical company has a vacancy in pharmacy care, for example, in the morning due to illness of an Aussendienstlers can it unlock whose addresses in his system and already ten minutes later the pharmacies further maintained by the betterbyphone team. The situation in the pharmaceutical market changes very quickly in particular by new national and international legal regulations. betterbyphone, which operates far beyond the capabilities of a normal call-centre, is therefore a sought-after partner of the pharmaceutical companies. ‘ Sawhney sees the company well prepared: we have state of the art technology, highest data protection and spare no effort to intensively to bring us in the different projects with all their demands “. betterbyphone is a specialized pharmaceutical – and sales-agency. Since 1999, the independent company implements dialog-oriented solutions to increase the success of its customers and their products in the market. Be based on in – and outbound telephone services, more integrated services, such as a pharmacy direct order system, goods and samples logistics, Detailling and lettershop offered.

It belongs to the philosophy of betterbyphone, to work exclusively with professionals from the medical sector: ranging from physician assistants and PTAs about natural scientists to doctors. Exclusive teams are formed for the orders of the customers, who work in rooms allocated specifically for the project. So, the specialists ensure a high level of identification of employees for the tasks of their customers, which makes the projects above-average success.

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