The Good Habit Of Reading

Reading one of the main practices of every human being and that it should form a good habit of reading, that shows us the path of knowledge and freedom. Through a good habit of reading we can travel the trails, paths and routes of the time and space. Allows us to get to know the life, environment, customs, thought and creations of all men who have written and have left us the legacy to get to know the story. The habit of reading is the active participation of the mind and helps us to develop our imagination, therefore creativity, and something also important makes us enrich the vocabulary to develop ourselves optimally to our spoken and written expression. Our brain to develop and have greater amount of words available to process allows that we can better understand the world as ourselves, and the main thing facilitates us interpersonal relationships, if we choose good books, documents will not help their affective, moral and spiritual development. The good habit of reading becomes an act that read is converted in a cream top and exclusive capacity of all human beings in which stimulates all the faculties at the same time and makes the part biological, psychological, and emotional both in particular as social lead him to establish a meaning particular relationship with what they read. This is the road to more faithful and enriching friendship. A friendship that never betrays and that never nobody can feel alone.

Reading Iran slowly, feeling the pleasure and satisfaction of knowing fantastic stories, likeable and funny characters, wonderful adventures, countries and unknown environments. With the good habit of reading human beings with the reading continues to develop its capacity of understanding, imagination, memory and sensitivity. Also extensive expertise and discovers their interests in a way that one day will be formed that habit that will be part of your daily live read you have many issues to discuss in their social gatherings and with his friendships with globalization, regionalization, and technological development. Information on higher education and reading constitute a binomial unprecedented economic and social development of humanity. As we can see is the highest expression of self is reading.

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