Tips For Buying A Home

One of the most important investments in the life of a person is buying a home. Therefore, we must be clear all the steps to take in every moment and know what you're doing. The Spanish Mortgage Association has published a guide which explains the process. Here are some concepts that need to know: CHOOSE THE HOUSE The first rule when buying a home is not rushing. Take time to find the home that best suits your needs y.

.. possibilities: There are four basic aspects to consider, as the Spanish Mortgage Association: location (if it suits your needs and has a radius near essential services), characteristics (orientation, views, additional services such as storage rooms, terrace areas, …); common facilities (check the insulation and if the facilities meet the standards laid down) and price (remember to add the taxes and other expenses that goes even to the operation.) Remember COST plus the price of housing must add around 10% of its value to cover expenses. In general, expenses and taxes account for between 7 and 8%, the constitution of the mortgage between 1 and 2% and the rest belongs to mortgage credit. Another factor to consider is that the loan can not cover everything and that, by the provisions of the Mortgage Market Law, institutions often limit the amount of the loan to 70 or 80% of the appraised value of the home . By way of QUIN can buy "From the owners," Resorting to a construction company or promoter-Through a real estate agent (API) or a real estate agency "Through magazines, calling the Housing Service its credit facility.

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