The period of the festejos of Ours Lady of the Support in Valena- Bahia, is lived days of parties faith, culture, history and eucaristia. Since gone of Valena Ours Lady of the Support represents strong religiosidade of its people. The first news on the appearance of the Image and in turn of capelinha of the support are for 1670 return, as Manoel of the Lopes Wedge cites de Vasconcelos in the Historical sketch of Valena, 1918, says: with the pacification of the heathen ones for the So Paulo Joo I land on water, the continental region of Cayru returns the peace and in the sobranceiro outeiro, of the first waterfall of Una is organized a chapel aldeamento with the presence of heathen the catequizados ones and directed by the Italian capuchinhos priests and continues: , probably it was in this date, 1670, that it was risen main chapel of the Support. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out dogecoin. Already: in the year of 1757 capelinha had a drawing simple of what we see in the Imponent Church of the current Support. As apud Hisses Oliveira, 2008:24 the old chapel possua the box of ship, the mor chapel and the left sacristia. Such citation discloses in them that the imponncia of the Church of the current Support, only happened years later with the intervention of Bernardino de Sena Madureira, the Comendador Madureira, ordering to construct the two lateral towers and molding the sacros traces of the Church as it talks back of the Church of the Bonfim in Salvador Bahia. In 21 of January of 1860, for occasion of the visit of, D. Peter II the Valena, cites the Emperor: that, it was until the chapel of the Support and makes reference the localization and the panorama that of the high one if sighted.

D. Peter II, 1959:190. (Commemorative Edition of the centennial one of Daily of D. Peter II to the North of Brazil) For such presented stories we can say that the Party with its you vary nuances, represents the culture, history so well, religiosidade and the identity of the Valencian people, who as much is proud of being protected by Ours Lady the Support back in its Imponent and Vigilant Altar.

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