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The first release of the magnetic document management was published in amagno in June 2011. After only a month functionality for the innovative magnet technology with full-text search and file preview is extended considerably with the new version. The update is available the previous users and businesses free of charge. The first version of amagno was already a success. We have seen hundreds registrations for the free online version and dozens of interested parties for the Enterprise version. Users love the new magnets. With the new version we now expanding the possibilities of automatically organizing magnets considerably”, so Jens Buscher, CEO and founder of amagno.

amagno combines aspects of the classic file and document management with modern concepts for social networking in a new product for efficient corporate communication. Employees and persons in organizing themselves in groups and manage files, digitized documents and emails in it safely. While the classic does not apply for amagno Folder structure. This is replaced by magnets, which automatically pull the content according to freely definable themes, E.g. Article – customer numbers, projects or keywords. Saving files is faster than in a file system. To avoid redundancies and storage error. Target better magnets by meta data, full-text search and OCR of amagno it is to get as much information as possible a content so that employees at the tray must fill out any complicated forms.

Very often, the essential details are already in the document. This fact makes use of amagno. The solution now has a comprehensive full-text search in hundreds of file formats, as well as a recognition of many structured metadata. Also, a simple text recognition (OCR) on TIF files was implemented. Thus now also scanned content through the magnets can be automatically detect and assign. Find out while the magnets allow for a structured search directly from any application, provides the hot-key search by amagno access to the stored contents of amagno from each Application, E.g.

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