Art in the Park with Libbey

This weekend I had an amazing time at Libbey Park. And it wasn’t because I was dragging Bernie around as he checked out every female dog in the vicinity.  I actually left Bernie home this time, and went to Libbey to check out the art in the park scene.  This was, according to the flyers that I saw, the 31st annual Art in the Park event for Ojai and for Libbey Park. That’s a long tradition!

It was really quite fun.  There is always a juried art show, which I enjoyed browsing through. Although I’ve got to say that I simply don’t understand modern art.  I don’t think I ever will – no matter how much people try to convince me that the empty canvas with one black dot on it as actually art.

But, anyway, it was fun to check out all of the art and to see the activity surrounding it. There was also live music which was really fun to listen to, great food stands and more.

I can home absolutely exhausted (whose idea was this dog that I had to walk anyway?) but the entire experience was really fun.  I’m hoping I’ll still be here for the 32nd annual event – I don’t see any reason that I won’t!

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