Bernie Checks out Libbey

No, this is not a match-making site.  And no, mom, I haven’t yet met the man of my dreams.  Rather, this week I took Bernie, my beautiful new dog, to check out Libbey Park.

I love Libbey Park because it’s like an oasis right in the middle of the city. It has terrific playgrounds for kids, great grassy areas and tons of action.  I always feel like I’ve had a fun time when I come home from Libby, even if I’ve just hung out by myself there for a while.

So, I figured that it was time for Bernie to experience Libbey and to get his feet wet in the park.  He didn’t know what to do first. There was so much to smell and so much entertainment in the park; actually, I was the one who suffered as he dragged me every which way in the park and left me feeling a bit dazed and dizzy!

He did settle down after running like a madman for over an hour, and we enjoyed a cute little picnic together in the grassy area.  I think Bernie is smitten.  I’ll have to make sure to bring him back to Libbey, his new love, whenever I get the chance!


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