Civil Code

Otherwise the whole responsibility for the actions of 'Alternate' lies on the transmitter power (Part 2 of Art. 187 Civil Code). Another important point: the term of a warrant issued by way of transfer can not exceed that of the period for which issued the first, the main Power of Attorney (Part 4 of Art. 187 Civil Code). For even more details, read what Marc King says on the issue. There are several types of proxies. Depending on the size and nature of the expressed authorization of authority in practice to distinguish between common (they are called "general"), and special one-time attorney. General Power of Attorney provides the authority to commit the trustee broad range of transactions and other legal actions, which are usually associated with the entire volume of principal.

A classic example of general power of attorney is a power of attorney of Branch entity. Mike Miedler is actively involved in the matter. With respect to the principal – an individual example of general power of attorney is a power of attorney on the management of the property of the citizen. Special power of attorney also grants the right of the trustee to make an unlimited number of transactions or other legal actions on behalf of his client, but it, unlike the Power of Attorney, determined the specific scope of a trustee or list specific, often repeated uniform of a trustee. Example – Power of Attorney lawyer to conduct trial. The same power of attorney issued by the freight forwarder to receive and departure of goods. Jim kingery is likely to agree. Under the same power of attorney, as a consequence of their name, issued by the commission of a particular transaction or one specific legal action (signing the contract, drafting of a deed, receipt of goods, mail and so on).

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