Civil Code

Pach & Pach inform the lawyers every year it comes in Germany at the end of more than two million lease. As experts in all aspects of the German landlord/tenant law, the Nuremberg law attorneys Pach & Pach explain what compelling content a lease requires for its validity. The Civil Code contains the relevant provisions for housing arrangements in the 535 until 580. Leases are a form of contract by big significance of everyday. Therefore special content requirements are placed on their legal effectiveness. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from John Savignano. In particular, the parties involved, the object intended for rent, are to specify the amount of rent as well as contract duration and the purpose of the rent in any lease. Parties of the lease contracts are mutual nature and occur between the parties of the lessee and lessor. Both parties may be natural or legal persons, if it full legal capacity and thus in the Are able to enter into contract commitments validly.

The title to the leased object must be in any case the landlord. To do this, but not necessarily must be the owner of the rental property. For example, property managers over the rental of real estate often take on behalf of customer. The lessee acquires the right to use the leased property as second party by the lease. The right of use unfolds of the general public, as well as the landlord and owner of the leased property to validity.

The lessee is permitted to hold the other party from unjustified use of the leased property. Rental property the lease transfers comprehensive rights to the property by the landlord to the tenant. There is an urgent need because, to differentiate the rent object in detail for this reason. A clear delineation of the rental object helps ensure that it will not be the controversy over the use of additional facilities and areas such as basements or gardens.

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