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Customer satisfaction survey as a marketing tool! Customer surveys are an excellent way to gain important information about a specific target group or your existing customers. Just in the time of competitive markets is the knowledge of the customer situation is of increasing importance for the company. A customer satisfaction analysis shows you the following points: precise details of the actual customer satisfaction check quality of your customer relationships, strengths and weaknesses from a customer perspective there is the effectiveness of the advertising message a customer survey carried out several ways. The customer send the questionnaire or asked him on the spot or on the phone itself. The questionnaires are problematic for several reasons.

Most of the time, the response rate is very low. Also, you don’t know whether the written has answered all the questions. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out adverum. Another possibility is the online survey. Disadvantages of online survey: respondents must have computers and Internet access have. It must be ensured that respondents repeatedly can participate in the survey.

Advantage of the online consultation: the respondents can completely independently decide when, where and whether he edited the questionnaire. The mix customer survey: written surveys are then in a QM Portal a maintained. Or, the customer receives a password with which he can log into the portal and answers the questions. If you choose purely manual surveys (written survey), without a software tool on one, is often extremely high. The analysis takes much time. There is no wrong and no right: no matter which version you choose, main thing a customer survey carry out. A customer satisfaction survey is according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 are mandatory. It is important that you and your customers from these surveys generate a benefit. You will receive valuable information that will assist your company in the CIP. The results of the survey are documented and discussed. But the important thing is that by the customer identified deficiencies are eliminated. Tip: Give your customers the chance to choose whether he wants to announce his name or remain rather anonymous. Karin letter; Managing Director of 5medical management GmbH & certified QMB (TuV Sud)

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