Flowing Milk

The promised land: where floweth with milk and honey. In the State of Morelos where the promised land will be built and will be a community inhabited exclusively by Christian brothers. By: Jose Alberto Betanzos Salgado. Director General of the project: the Earth promised Taxco Alarcon Guerrero’s 13 of June 2009 with great jubilation today, allow me to make publicly known the great news, for me has been entrusted the execution of the great project colonizer, to be developed in the State of Morelos where the promised land will be built and will be exclusively inhabited by Christian brothers.The promised land is the name of this new community that will be exclusively inhabited by believers Cristianos.Se is a unique project that has as its goal and played in various parts of the Republic and by your guaranteed success will be copied by other countries and will be the State of Morelos, where the first housing complex will be Cristiano.En this place, you will have many facilities to purchase a land or home with truly economic cash and credit costs, but will have to meet a strict requirement: be faithful Christians and has respect strict regulations, zero for sale of intoxicating beverages and cigars, much less drugs.In this place, the auditory and visual pollution with a mutually committed environment of respect, peace, harmony and prosperity shall be prohibited.With the start of construction of housing and everything that implies the formation and organization of this new community, it will generate thousands of new, stable and well-paid jobs, but only Christian brothers will have access to them exclusively, all have work.There will be truly comfortable facilities by spacious and appropriate services that meet all needs, with green areas, rivers, recreation centers, schools, universities, temples of prayer, surveillance etc. Etc.tambien will have the ease of change or give account immovable property of other parties to get a home in the longed promised land where floweth with milk and honey which our Creator promised to all us children in the Scriptures.And up automotive units may be negotiated to change or account.If you Christian brothers are interested in buying a property in the State of Morelos, or in any other part of the Republic, please contact us at Tel. 044 777 255 48 87. Or write to email: God bless you. Original author and source of the article..

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