Golf On Ice Might Be Cool

I left off last time talking about Lake of the Isles. In the winter, it’s probably the best of the local lakes for ice skating and hockey because much of it is skinny and meandering, rather than being a big round blob. Since it’s skinny it freezes harder and deeper, so the ice is sturdier.

I never got into hockey, but I do like to ice skate … of course, as lovely as life can be in Southern California, it’s not exactly a hotbed of ice skating so I rarely skate any more. Instead, I got into Rollerblading and fortunately Ojai has excellent trails for biking, blading, and walking. It’s a pretty “outdoors-y” community here, and it’s also a very wealthy one … so there are a lot of public facilities for recreation and sport.

I’m pretty sporty myself, obviously, and as well as tennis I like to run, bike, and get all sorts of exercise. One of the nicest perks of my job at the spa is having access to classes and equipment, so I’ve begun yoga and pilates too. Not convinced yet by pilates, but I do like yoga.

There’s a big golf course here too, which I hear is really top notch, but I’m pretty indifferent to golf … I don’t care for watching it (if I want a nap, I’ll simply take a nap, I don’t have to watch golf), and the couple of times I played I got bored quickly. To expend that much practice and effort in order to excel at hitting a small ball with a long stick? I don’t get it.

Of course, I have no doubt that golfers think of tennis the same way, and I used to spend hours practising tennis. To each their own I guess.

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