Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo

He threw water the object and leave. After a short time, such events happening, and studied in advance. But the people to observe this miracle, believed in his heart that Pharaoh was a god, and the priests, the great interpreters of the divine you. For this reason away the people of all knowledge, all reason, all understanding, dedicating it to the workforce. Only then education, was one of those bourgeois.

While the people ignorant of many things. A historical levels give us the greatness of Greece and Rome. But what happened to the generals of those who spoke, they did in Greece itself. And many other things that tell about Roma. With regard to domestic worship, and beliefs that demonstrate that these primitive men also went through these stages.

The house of a Greek or a Roman. Enclosed an altar and have always had a bit of ash and coals. It was the sacred duty of the landlord keep the fire day and night. Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo That represented 6 fire? Something divine, a true god to whom he pays tribute to the permanence of a cult. A kind of being, which was considered divine. An object of fervent supplications, an eternal cause of human desires. Providence represented the family. If you put out a god, he was dead. So wood was offered, so he poured after the heady wine of Greece, oil, incense and the fat of the victims. The god received these offerings and devoured, and happy and radiant, stood on the altar and lit her worshiper with light.

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