Mom Called From Minnesota

As I predicted, I got several phone calls from Mom today about (a) that date, (b) this blog, (c) my nutrition, (d) my sleep habits, (e) and my generally casual approach to life.

We seem to have reached an accommodation however, mostly because she lives in Minnesota and she can’t simply pop around to my house and sort things out in person. Did I mention that I’m originally from Minnesota? Don’t think so, so here’s a quicky rundown of my early years.

I grew up in South Minneapolis, a suburban part of the city. It’s a lovely area, much of it built in the 20s and 30s, and it has a real neighborhood feel. I went to school in the same part of the city, and all my friends were from that one basic neighborhood. We lived not far from what everyone in Minneapolis refers to simply as “The Lakes”, which really are the jewel in the crown of Twin Cities life. A chain of several lakes, each between three and five miles around, which are bordered by paths for walking and biking. Each one has its own character, and everybody has a favorite to walk around.

Personally I’m partial to Lake of the Isles, so named for a couple of tiny islands in the middle which are home to birds, turtles, etc. It’s a quirky shape, looping in and out of itself, and is just less than three miles around. I’ve spent hours walking around, biking around, and skating on Lake of the Isles and know it pretty well.

Oops, time is short … more next time.

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