Official Hygiene Smiley

The official hygiene smiley is introduced from 01 July 2011 in Berlin and presented in five different shades. The official hygiene smiley is introduced from 01 July 2011 in Berlin and presented in five different shades. In addition, official certificate of inspection of the control will be published the decision confirmed this the Berlin Senate Administration. When any official control a smiley on the entrance door, is determined as a result at the end which shows the current state of the control and supported by a detailed list of the deficiency. A unified Berlin smiley system is to be introduced after the Danish model will the respective official control results, as in Denmark, obligatory five smiley icons associated also the food processing companies to undertake one, unhinge the respective smiley and the log of the last official veterinary and food control well visible in the premises…

“as stated in the decision of the Senate by September 24, 2010 This is problematic for companies, who have defects due to structural or organizational structure and therefore already in advance is recommended, get a professional and knowledgeable advice in the House before there is a bad rating with far-reaching negative consequences. Companies that already use since the beginning of their activity on quality and autonomous control systems such as HACCP, have good cards and are usually well prepared. Hotel and catering establishments, which previously only required program considered this and have corresponding pent-up demand in terms of hygiene, HACCP concepts, personnel training, menu right, Schadlingsmonitoring, and much more, the hygiene master smiley UG offers”short HMS based in the Rhenish Bergheim, nationwide an optimal help and solution position on. HMS provides a centralised and uniform nationwide voluntary hygiene smiley certification, which covers the legal requirements with its possibilities and goes far beyond upon request. All companies from industry, This kind of certification to stand out with a hygienic exemplary way of working, to create confidence and thus to achieve a high customer loyalty now allows gastronomy and catering but also bakeries, butcher’s shops, etc. In addition to an extensive consulting and support in all aspects of industrial hygiene and HACCP the company hygiene champion smiley UG regulations offers also its own information platform on the Internet. Advertising highlighted all certified companies and important information and current judgments published on. So a company receives a hygiene-smiley HMS and must present this at the entrance door, the rigorous certification criteria, which include 2 unannounced hygiene inspections with detailed on-site inspections, simulacrum specimens, laboratory analysis, and subsequent legal hygiene training, must be met. “With a private hygiene smiley certification” the possibility so each operating independently consult and for the official control to prepare to leave. The trader has the security to implement good hygiene practices in his business and can face to the official control. This hygiene smiley is a welcome quality award, which makes it easy, quick and easy to choose his responsible and quality-oriented host but above all the customers and guests.

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