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Would it be better to hire a mortgage in Spain or in my home country? What taxes will I pay? What costs inherent in buying a home? What are the documents that I have to sign, and when? etc. In his role as virtual shopping, a real estate portal should be prepared to answer these and many other questions raised by the potential buyer abroad. Let’s look at each of these four separately. 1. Product Information Experience shows that data sheets are the heart of everything real estate portal.

If a website offering a portfolio maintains 20,000 properties, for example, this should be the minimum number of pages indexed in Google for this portal. The way to know the total number of pages Google has crawled our site is as simple as entering the site: (or. Net,. Is, etc..) In the search box. Google will return a list of pages on our website that it holds in its index. If the number of pages is much lower than the total number of properties on offer, then we may have a problem indexed by the search engines not being able to index the entire contents of our website.

We must ensure that no property sheets open in a new window (pop-up). If so, we must change the structure of the web so that the property sheets open in the same window in which we are sailing at that time. We must also see that the only way of navigating to a property sheet is not as a result of the consultation in a search engine (the kind we choose type of dwelling, number of bedrooms, maximum price, etc..) as the search engine robots can not use these forms to get to the pages.

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