Property and Income

" According to experts, there emerged a whole bunch of reasons. The first and most obvious: the general rise in prices in general at all. The hosts explained their increased appetites simple: life is expensive, prices go up at all. Another thing is fall, due to the rupture of selling prices of apartments and stop the growth of incomes dropped sharply the number of citizens having the opportunity to buy an apartment. So many of those who planned to buy an apartment in Kiev suddenly discovered that he could not do it. These people went to the rental market, creating additional purchasing power there. What do the poor? Who does the market not to be envied – it's the poorest of the of renting.

Prices do not just pick up the already above the height – they also continue to grow. Landlords took over the rule of "joy" of their residents to learn of the rise in price every two to three months. Argue useless to demand high, prices are rising, which means that the vacant apartment owner will surrender without a problem just a few hours. The choice of options potential savings is small. Pool their savings to shoot 3-4-room apartment – it's means that will live in a communal apartment. In the agencies more applications from those seeking an apartment for removal from the companions. The alternative – to go from Kiev to the area.

But here the difficulty is that most neighbors to the capital The twin cities, have become almost Kiev sleeping areas. Kiev trends are apparent in everything – including the price of rent. They have quite the same as in the capital – if it is cheaper then a 50-70u.e. per month, which lifting spend on commuting by train or minibus. You can actually save you, if only to get far enough – in the White Church, for example, about half the price of Kiev. But spend only train two hours a day at one end – it is hardly reasonable to … What's next? Please removing unlikely to get all the experts agree that this year we are waiting for further price increases, and the figure of 20-30% is still most moderate. As for factors that could lead to lower rents, they are still not there.

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