Grooving to the Beat at the Libbey Bowl

This past Saturday, I had a great time with some friends at the Ojai Classic Rock and Reggae Festival.  It took place at the Libbey Bowl, as do most great events here, and it was filled with good music, great vibes and some fun people.  Well, make that some rather funky people.  I think these types of festivals bring out all of the most “interesting” individuals…including those who have forgotten that they lived their teen years long ago. But, no matter.

Anyway, the line-up was entertaining with The Fortunate Sons, the Grateful Dead by Skull & Roses, the Jerry Garcia Band by The Maykers, Cream by Yesterday’s Child, Lynyrd Skynyrd by One More From the Road, and the Beatles by Sgt. Pepper.

It was a bit of a trip down memory lane which is always fun.  And, I got to hang out with friends that I don’t see too often.  I managed to come home with a headache (no big surprise after listening to so much music!) but I curled up with Bernie and enjoyed some sleep.

Overall, a successful event for the weekend!

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